Viva Herbals Reformulates Dietary Supplement to Maximize Support of Compromised Immune Systems

Viva Herbals & Essentials announces the July 2021 launch of Ultimate Green Tea Pro, a dietary supplement for individuals with compromised immune systems.

Online PR News – 22-April-2021 – New York, NY – Launch of Ultimate Green Tea Pro, an herbal supplement focused on immune support — available only to health professionals.

Viva Herbals & Essentials announces the July 2021 launch of Ultimate Green Tea Pro, a dietary supplement distributed exclusively to health-care professionals for the benefit of individuals with compromised immune systems.*

Scientists at Viva Herbals & Essentials have reformulated the company’s Ultimate Green Tea to create Ultimate Green Tea Pro, a synergistic combination of five immune-supporting herbal extracts. The immune-boosting properties of these herbs have been demonstrated in scientific studies worldwide. Ultimate Green Tea Pro strengthens the body’s defenses against the environmental stresses of our time, while continuing to provide the antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory support of the original formula.*

The full-spectrum herbs utilized in Ultimate Green Tea Pro are cultivated, harvested, and processed under optimal conditions to ensure their purity and potency. The highly concentrated green tea extract contains 95% polyphenols and 76 mg of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), the most potent catechin in green tea. One serving of this extract contains the equivalent of 12 to 15 cups of green tea, the quantity one would have to consume to derive benefits. The formula also contains Astragalus, whose immunomodulating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties have been demonstrated in scientific studies.*

Exposed to intense sun at high elevations in Tibet, the Goji berries are packed with polysaccharides and are known to strengthen the immune system. The formula incorporates a specially sourced Astaxanthin created by algae grown in the desert sun, producing an antioxidant 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C. The black elderberries, grown in the Italian Alps, produce high levels of phytochemicals and magnesium and provide some of the most positive immune-supporting effects in the botanical world. The formula includes Chinese licorice, which promotes a healthy inflammatory response, and zinc, a mineral essential to immune function.*

Ultimate Green Tea Pro contains no caffeine, alcohol, fluoride, pesticides, flavorings, or sugar.

Ultimate Green Tea Pro is to be taken once or twice daily, or more, depending on the recommendation of the health professional. A dropperful can be diluted in warm water or any cold beverage. Based on the proven history of these ingredients and the company’s 20 years as a U.S. manufacturer of dietary supplements, Viva Herbals & Essentials advises there is no limit to the length of time this product may be taken daily.*

Ultimate Green Tea Pro is available by calling 888-381-8482. Tony Iracani, president of Viva Herbals & Essentials, is available for interview. For further information, email and visit http://

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