Viollis Group International launches nonprofit 'HER Voice' to help female victims of violent crimes

VIOLLIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL launches a nonprofit organization to provide victim/survivor advocacy services for female victims of violent crime across the US.

Online PR News – 21-April-2021 – Tampa, FL – Global Security Consulting firm, Viollis Group International, today announced the launch of HER Voice Foundation, a non-profit extension of the organization aimed at serving female victims of violent crimes. HER Voice acts as a liaison connecting female victims across the country with local organizations and professionals that can best serve their needs. HER Voice has partnerships across the country with shelters, safe homes, legal counsel, law enforcement officials, social workers, and victim advocacy agencies. HER Voice recognizes that no two victims' needs will be the same, and we work to serve their specific situation.

"One can't serve in a Law Enforcement and National Security capacity for over 40 years without being scarred by the sights, smells, and sounds of violent crime victimization, especially to those directed at women and children. Unfortunately, this crisis is compounded by the inability to receive needed assistance due to a lack of funds which is what sets the stage for the formulation of Her Voice Foundation. Says founder Paul Viollis, "From the many blessings afforded us at Viollis Group International and through the eyes of my daughter Jennifer, Her Voice Foundation's CEO, we have made a firm commitment to consistently raise money to help as many women and children who have been victims of violent crime as we can." Additionally, all profits from Viollis' new book 'Safeguarding America' ( will be donated to the Foundation.

The Foundation will also contribute a portion of its funding to organizations in the communities where Viollis Group International has a major presence, and that aligns with the Foundation's mission. Her Voice is focused on helping organizations that serve disadvantaged or disenfranchised people, with a focus on establishing means of physical protection, advancing emotional well-being, and educational and employment for victims.

Inspired by the recent uptick in domestic violence that many people are experiencing as they quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, Her Voice seeks to provide access to so many who may not know their options. "I grew up in a law enforcement family," Jennifer explains, "As a young child, my father was a police officer, and a very specific turning point in my life was following a discussion I had with my father where he shared with me a particular case he worked in which a husband and wife were not only prostituting out their two young daughters, but were filming the assaults, and marketing them under the child pornography umbrella. That was the first time, in my young life, I became aware of the true evil that exists in this world. And for the first time in my young life, I had it on my heart to make a difference."

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About HER Voice Foundation - Her Voice Foundation is a non-profit foundation that acts as a liaison to provide victim/survivor advocacy services for female victims of violent crime across the United States. We are committed to assisting victims and survivors of domestic & dating violence, sex crimes, hate crimes, assault & battery, and all other violent crimes against women. The primary goal of our program is to make support and direction possible for those women in need.