Houyi PowerGen to start renewable energy projects in Spain with 160MW capacity

Houyi PowerGen today announced that it will commence two solar projects in Spain with a total capacity of 100 MW and 60 MW respectively.

Online PR News – 20-April-2021 – TAIPEI CITY – Houyi PowerGen’s two Spanish projects will be just outside of Valencia and on the outskirts of Madrid and will be connected via a substation to the national electricity grid.

Houyi PowerGen’s Chief Operations Officer commented on the Spanish renewable energy projects saying “The Spanish electricity production market, more importantly the Spanish solar market is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe. Renewable energy in Spain already accounts for over 40% of the country’s electricity and Houyi PowerGen can help Spain achieve their desired target of having 70% of their renewable energy by 2030.”

Houyi PowerGen’s Chief Operations Officer also added “Houyi PowerGen will install photovoltaic panels and will be fitted with double-sided solar panels in order to optimize natural sunlight they receive and will produce around 320 GWh per year. Houyi PowerGen will plan to start these projects at the start of 2022 and we strongly believe we are well positioned to make inroads into Portugal.”

About Us - Houyi PowerGen

Houyi PowerGen is a solar power researcher, developer and manufacturer based in Taiwan and is one of the most innovative companies in the energy industry. At Houyi PowerGen, we believe that clean, solar generated electricity that is affordable is essential to combating climate change. It is already becoming a major piece of the global energy mix and is set to experience massive growth over the coming years and decades.

Houyi PowerGen delivers exceptional solar PV energy solutions by integrating our expertise, technology and services vertically throughout the solar energy chain, making a world powered by affordable, reliable solar generated electricity a reality. We are one of the leading companies helping to mesh solar power into the world’s energy mix, providing innovative solutions to modern energy concerns such as the reliability of fuel supply and corresponding price volatility, as well as climate change. Houyi PowerGen’s innovative solar energy solutions are not exposed to the same volatility risks associated with fossil fuels and deliver electricity at a price that is highly competitive.

Houyi PowerGen’s maintains its leadership position in solar PV thanks to innovations delivered by the vast knowledge and technical experience of our researchers and engineers. Recruitment of the world’s top people has been a core principle behind Houyi PowerGen’s success. We rely on the deep talent and expertise of our employees, our associates and partners, who have considerable knowledge of both the conventional and renewable energy industries to provide our end users with cost effective sources of energy that can be relied upon to deliver on their needs.