Fiction Author Patricia M. Muhammad Publishes The House of Marchesi

Multi-genre fiction author Patricia M. Muhammad Publishes her fifth historical romance novel.

Online PR News – 19-April-2021 – United States – Multi-genre, diverse fiction author, Patricia M. Muhammad publishes her fifth historical romance novel, The House of Marchesi.

This novel is set in 18th century Milan. One day a duchessa who has become of age is thrusted from her steed and into the estate of another esteemed member of the revered king’s court. Lilliana is unable to remember her accident or her identity. Duca Emmanuele Montanari observes his daughter's noticeable absence and wonders why Duchessa Rosetta is complacent about the matter. During the duchessa’s convalescence, she and the duca of the House of Marchesi grow in affection towards one another. Servants of the Houses of Montanari and Marchesi endeavour to help save the duchessa and now the duca whom she has great affection for, from the perils of a great conspiracy against them that neither had knowledge of. The duca is now more adamant to secure his beloved and their future.

A grand soiree is to be held at the king’s court. It is here that he king and queen have the answer and reveals it before the entire king’s court.

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About the Author: Patricia M. Muhammad is a multi-genre, diverse fiction author whose writing includes interracial relationships and multi-racial characters. She has currently written 20 novels. Patricia is also an independent scholar focused on international law and human rights.