North East Tackle Continues To Expand Its Online Platform And Re-Opens Shop

North east tackle expands its online offerings despite Covid 19 restrictions, the company has added new brands and has also reopened its Hartlepool store.

Online PR News – 16-April-2021 – Hartlepool, England – North east tackle has recently announced the reopening of its shop in Hartlepool after lockdown restrictions have been eased in England, the store was previously offering a restricted service due to new imposed rules after the nationwide pandemic had left many in the retail industry shutting their doors to keep the infection rate under control as part of a nationwide effort to beat the virus.

Company director Liam Larkin comments:

“2020 was a difficult time for many businesses but we continue to focus on what our customers need which is branded products at affordable price points and a good selection of products that can be purchased easily, we feel that focusing on what the customer wants will always be the right strategy.”

The company has continued to expand its digital marketing efforts by investing more resources into it’s online platform, the website now offers easy payments via Paypal and other methods and the firm has also added brand new brand names to boost selection choices for its customers, these include brands like Tronixpro, Cygnet and Fin-nor reels.

The company has also expanded on its collection of Century products including the popular T900, Fireblade and Tip Tornado models, the company is currently aiming to offer some of the best selection for Century and Savage Gear items within the UK and has plans to expand its digital reach by publishing certain products to its Facebook fans as well as promoting items on other channels such as Google search and affiliate marketing.

Despite difficult market conditions the company remains focused on expanding both online and its retail spaces with brand new product selections and online advertising to display its currently stocked products in 2021.

The companies Digital Marketing Consultant Michael Wilkins comments:

“2020 was a very large test for all businesses but especially for retail, investing in a strong online presence will likely be the key to securing new customers in uncertain market conditions, to do this we have put together a brand new strategy for our online marketing efforts and continue to make sure to listen to what our customers tell us they want more of”.

The company is currently a strong brand name in the fishing retail space and they also have 2 physical locations in Sunderland and Hartlepool, North east tackle has been investing in online marketing for many years and as a result was able to quickly resume business once the restrictions where lifted, the key selling point for the company remains in it’s strong digital presence which will continue for many years into the future.

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