Studio6 is now enlisted on Kabera App

Studio6, the renowned hair transplant clinic having its branches in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Jalandhar is now enlisted on Kabera App.

Online PR News – 15-April-2021 – Chandigarh – Studio6, the renowned hair transplant clinic having its branches in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Jalandhar is now enlisted on Kabera App. The Kabera App- a place to get hundreds of qualified surgeons and doctors for hair as well as skin treatments in just a few clicks. While the app connects you to hundreds of doctors for hair and skin solutions, you also get a free consultation and a money-back guarantee on various treatments.

Getting treatments through Kabera App you also get pre-consultation and post-consultation support from doctors. Once the treatment is done, along with post-consultation, follow-up is taken by the doctors to ensure that the patient is satisfied with the treatment. This also includes various charts, precautions and Kabera Customer Support. Kabera App offers the best treatment plans and products at a very reasonable cost.

While commenting on being enlisted on Kabera App, the Studio6 team mentioned the treatments available on the App, which included hair and skin procedures as follows:


1. Hair Transplant (FUE)
2. Hair Transplant (FUT)
3. Robotic Hair Transplant
4. Beard/ Moustache Transplant
5. Eyebrow Transplant
6. Cosmetic Hair Fusion


1. Anti-ageing Facials
2. Acne Treatment
3. Botox and Fillers
4. Laser Hair Removal
5. Skin Brightening and Whitening

When it comes to hair loss issues, Studio6 is one the best clinics which offer several effective and result-oriented treatments. Hair loss is a sensitive topic and both men and women are affected by it. Various factors like stress, pollution, food habits, using harsh chemical products can induce hair fall. Nowadays all age groups are affected by hair problems, thanks to the environment we live in.

When the hair fall goes out of control and bald patches begin to appear on the scalp then it is of course a cause of worry. Thus, dealing with hair fall at the right time is very important. Several treatment options like Mesotherapy, Platelet-rich plasma therapy, Laser therapy, Minoxidil are used to restrict hair loss. However, hair transplantation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the cosmetic industry, and the reasons being the need and quest to look good, enhance the personality, social pressure and celebrity influence. People have started getting conscious about their looks and appearance, which are the potential drivers to opt for hair transplant surgery. Also, the best hair transplant surgery gives quick and natural-looking results.

The same goes with the skin, who doesn’t want clear glass-like skin? Whether it’s erasing patchy spots, reducing fine lines, or wanting plump lips- there’s an increasing demand for skin products and treatment to help rejuvenate skin to look younger and beautiful. “When it comes to skincare treatments, there’s a lot of options available whether it is medical issues or cosmetic concerns.” Says experts at Studio6. Wrinkles, fine lines, dullness all these factors have hugely started affecting people, plus peer pressure, desire to look good all the time and awareness about skincare routine is a major driving force why people are opting for skincare treatments.