City Traders Imperium Launched The 'Mastermind' Willing To Create A Great Forex Learning Platform

City Traders Imperium (CTI) has launched the Mastermind to in its ambition to create the best forex learning platform available.

Online PR News – 14-April-2021 – London, UK – City Traders Imperium (CTI) has launched the Mastermind to in its ambition to create the best forex learning platform. This one step towards CTI’s goal to source the best traders to create a global remote trading floor.

How It Began

Daniel Martin discovered that many prop trading firms offering education he personally investigated utilising an ethnographic approach based in the City of London were more interested in selling courses instead of training profitable traders for their prop firms. “It appears they find [many companies] more profitable selling courses than creating traders,” is a remark CTI once heard but does capture the general sentiment of the prop trading industry that offer courses part of their training.

About the Founders

Daniel Martin: one of the highlights of his career involved managing one of Switzerland’s most famous prop firms in 2015.

Martin Najat: one of Daniel’s students at one of these prop firms whose performance improved after being personally mentored by Daniel.

The Emergence

Daniel and Martin created CTI to educate and fund serious traders to ultimately create a remote global trading floor. A crucial first step of their business plan is to source, develop and elevate successful traders as the company grows and gets closer to becoming a large trading floor.

When asked, "You offer funding and education, what really separates you from other companies doing the same?" CTY point towards the assortment of programs offered to not just to traders that are new to the industry, but also to seasoned traders that would like to polish their skills.

For example, traders looking to polish their skills can be mentored by the team, akin to how Martin was by Daniel, which utilises an approach comparable to performance trading coaching or psychology consultation. "I’d like to think of it as the CTI version Wendy Rhodes for those who watch Billions," commented one of CTI’s market analysts.

When asked if there were other attributes of the CTI learning platform that were attractive, one of the CTI market analysts noted "What CTI’s, namely the Mastermind, the best forex learning platform is it caters to traders of varied experience levels."

They elaborated "Our online community is an attractive element that allows you to create a network of traders and talk to people about the markets, especially during lockdown."

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