World Innovations Forum Foundation Announces Ingenuity Cup 2021

The Ingenuity Cup is a 40-day global innovation competition open to innovative teams

Online PR News – 14-April-2021 – Lucerne, CH – World Innovations Forum Foundation announces the upcoming Ingenuity Cup, a 40-day global Innovation challenge with a $20,000 cash prize for the winning team. The competition supports innovative teams to build extraordinary solutions through Neuro Innovation, a unique innovation process based on the brain's behavior and how it creates original ideas.

All participating teams will be provided with expert Neuro Innovation training and innovation management technology by BlueCallom Corp, the Ingenuity Cup anchor sponsor. The company pioneered a neuroscience-based ideation and innovation methodology, challenging conventional innovation and brainstorming methods to create disruptive solutions. BlueCallom is founded by a duo of serial entrepreneurs, Axel Schultze and Marita Schultze, who bring experience building four innovative, billion-dollar companies. "By applying knowledge from amazing discoveries in neuroscience, innovation was transformed to an all-new level," said Axel Schultze, CEO at BlueCallom.

"The learning from neuroscience allows far deeper insights in the way our brain processes ideas,” says Dr. Matthes Fleck, Professor of Digital Business, Director of the Institute of Communication and Marketing (IKM), and Advisory Board Member of BlueCallom. “It helped the BlueCallom team to a profoundly different thinking and led to a substantial acceleration of the innovation processes and provides more predictability.”

The Ingenuity Cup begins on April 21, 2021, and ends on June 22, 2021, and is open for teams of all backgrounds (including startups, small businesses, or enterprises). The global competition is held in celebration of World Innovations Day and in observance of World Creativity and Innovation Day, an UN-recognized day “to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.” (United Nations).

About World Innovations Forum Foundation
The World Innovations Forum Foundation (WIForum) is a Switzerland-based nonprofit organization founded by innovative entrepreneurs for other innovative minds. The purpose of the organization is to understand better the importance of innovation for our society, economy, ecology and how we can harness human ingenuity for our overall progress. Please visit for more information.

Sponsor BlueCallom Corp
BlueCallom’s vision is to leverage neuroscience for a groundbreaking enterprise-grade innovation experience. The cloud-based Neuro Innovation Management software empowers innovation teams to create lasting value through a new innovation life cycle, Deep Innovation Design. Founded in 2020, the company is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. Please visit for more information.

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