A&A International Holdings Group’s economic report recommends Brazilian industrials

A&A International Holdings Group today announced the results of their latest economic report on Brazil and statistics from last year yielded great potential.

Online PR News – 12-April-2021 – SINGAPORE – A&A International Holdings Group’s economic report included Brazilian industrial companies seeking their views on prospective growth plan amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A&A International Holdings Group’s Director of Latin America, Rafael Cervantes commented on the economic report saying “Our report outlines our focus on investment trends that integrate the insights of our equity strategists and equity analysts to highlighting potential opportunities and putting clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment opportunities here at A&A International Holdings Group."

“Recently, Brazil hosted a very successful World Cup and Olympic Games. So in terms of infrastructure and revenue, Brazil is of strategic importance to A&A International Holdings Group. More importantly, Brazil exports many commodities globally and even during these testing times, the output will grow due to the global demand for commodities,” added Rafael Cervantes, Director of Latin America for A&A International Holdings Group.

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