Lanika announces release of ASAP NextGen 2021 V1 from Breault Research Organization (BRO)

New GENERATION command enables control of ray splitting and scatter

Online PR News – 09-April-2021 – Bangalore, INDIA – For users performing stray light analysis of cameras or telescopes that have lenses, the new GENERATION command may reduce ray trace times by a factor of 10 to 100. GENERATION places an upper limit on combined ghost and scatter generations. This eliminates the tracing of unneeded child rays in optical systems where both ghosts and scatter are present. Additional features, include:

Highlights of ASAP 2021 V1:

• COATING TABLE: command reads a table of real or complex reflectance and transmittance values

• New GENERATION command enables control of ray splitting and scatter

• New CPC EDGE feature allows construction of a compound parabolic concentrator or ideal trough concentrator from a single edge

• New LSL Sources from Seoul Semiconductor

• EXTREMES command now works with multi-core processing; now examines all selected rays within all processor nodes to output global minima and maxima

• INTERPOLATE command now works with multi-core processing

Plus, helpful User Guides are available for each new command found in ASAP NextGen 2021v1.

Download today and discover the enhanced power, speed, accuracy, and architectural modernization of ASAP NextGen 2021 V1.


ASAP, with its unmatched kernel technology, remains the industry standard in optical engineering software. It offers optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy.

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