BotExpert opens a new era for customer support with ready to use bots

WDS, a tech company specialized in device knowledge, joined forces with Collab, a call center provider, to deliver ready to use bots.

Online PR News – 06-April-2021 – Bournemouth, United Kingdom – The benefits of bots for customer support are widely known – they are always available, ready to assist customers with their enquiries and free customer support agents from repetitive questions. According to Gartner, by 2025, 40% of customer service engagements will be handled in the first contact through self-service options, like bots, with no need for opening a ticket or case. WDS, a tech company specialized in device knowledge and intelligence, joined forces with Collab, a contact center provider, to deliver a new and differentiated offer on the market: ready to use bots.
“Through our innovation partnership with Collab, we are taking the cognitive intelligence offered by our bot platform and training it with the vast knowledge that WDS has curated over 20 years. This has allowed us to deliver BotExpert, whose differentiator is both unique and simple – it is already loaded with the comprehensive knowledge of over 14k devices; each with hundreds of attributes”, explains Andy Sweetman, CTO of WDS.
Bots detect the intent of the customer and leverage knowledge content and automation to fulfil the customer's goal. Maintaining and operationalizing content is a large cost with respect to bot deployment and on-going optimization. WDS provides a managed service around delivering content and ensuring that the right content is deployed based on the demand of the customer. In addition, their technical team can integrate conversational technologies with back-office systems to securely automate processes triggered by customer intents.
Collab steps in with the technology to build and insert the bot in any channel. It allows to build the bot with a drag and drop tool, called OneContact Flows, and use the knowledge-base of WDS to feed the bot. For example, to add the capability to your website, users can simply copy and paste a snippet into a web page of their choice and the bot is ready to roll.
Data centricity is at the heart of WDS’s DNA – through each interaction with the bot and the consumption of knowledge-base content, they continuously improve the capability of the bot and provide meaningful insights into the behavior of your customers. Coupled with the call center technology provided by Collab, the customer’s journey is well understood from self-care all the way through to the agent on a per case basis.
The human touch in a conversation is a valuable intervention that can reduce customer churn or provide an added level of governance. BotExpert allows, if needed, the transfer of the conversation to a human agent. This could happen, for instance, if the bot is unable to assist or if the interaction involves sensitive operations.
Carlos Vasconcelos, Marketing VP at Collab, explains how the bot- to -human handoff is handled. “If the user requests to talk to a human, the bot can immediately check for available agents and deliver the interaction. You can configure your bot to hand off after qualification or even to create support tickets on behalf of the customer. In any case, the information collected by your bots will automatically get synced, giving agents all the context to provide fast responses”, tells Carlos. The agent interface also displays the WDS knowledge-base so the agent can quickly browse and find what they need to help customers.
On April 20 both companies will host a webinar about How to revolutionize CX with ready to use bots. This free event will include an interactive Q&A session and a live demo of BotExpert. More information and registrations available on the event’s official webpage: