Woman in Horror Releases an LGBTQ+ Spin of Frankenstein with Mary Shelley as a Ghoul

Kindle/print versions of Polygon #29 are available now through Amazon.com. The novel is a YA/Crossover, LGBTQ+, Gothic Horror, filled with romance and intrigue.

Online PR News – 08-April-2021 – Haddon Township, NJ – Polygon #29 was released today and is the third novel published by Catt Colborn. Colborn is a Philly-born, female horror writer, known for her romantically strange tales that try not to focus solely on the LGBTQ+ love themes or personal health awareness themes alone. Polygon #29 deals with family dynamics: sibling rivalry, family abandonment, grief and uncertainty from other relationships afterwards, and all in a time period, where these issues were swept literally under a fancy floor covering. Colborn touches upon things that have happened in her life but takes a step back in her fictional works for her readers. The Gothic horror is the perfect setting for the audience to ask, "What if this really happened back then?" and see the possibilities answered over the course of the pages. Colborn's release today, focuses around one of the boldest women writers of the past, Mary Shelley, delving into tidbits of her life and sisterhood, asking the readers to form a love hate relationship with her and her supernatural siblings. But here is some formal overview to get you started...

Mary Shelley has arisen from her unearthly slumber as a ghoul to assist her supernatural sisters, against her will, in both quelling the haunted manor and assisting the newest ward and adopted niece, Jane, in reestablishing the societal lines in London. Jane’s chores are also to eventually help in reanimating another life for her Aunty Fanny's undead companionship. Unfortunately, Jane takes up the family axe before she is informed of this daily task and beheads Fanny’s lover, Constance. Out of family guilt and anger, Jane gets sent away to the countryside, with a male suitor, named Frederick, but this setting holds yet more of her family's secrets. She starts a secret society of mostly magical women and distributes a few more weapons to her friends. But the sisterhood has no regard for each other or a care about what Jane desires, so who are the real monsters in this story? You will have to read to find out.

Catt Colborn is the creator of Philly Flash Inferno and has helped brand and create other literary magazines, books, and more. She’s on the Executive Board of pwcwriters.org. Catt works as a writing professor at Stockton University and ACCC in New Jersey. She is an Academic Member of Horror Writers Association and is working on her next, frightening, crossover novel and Science Fiction collection.

Polygon #29 is immediately available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. You can visit Catt Colborn and PFI Press on Twitter and Instagram. Polygon #29 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Polygon-29-Catt-Colborn-ebook/dp/B08XN3QSDV

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