Startup Five Announces Nigeria Expansion

Startup Five a USA based advertising & marketing company that has announced a Five Million Dollar expansion of six Branch locations in Nigeria Africa

Online PR News – 03-April-2021 – Waterford Michigan – Startup Five a division of RJ Suitor, LLC has announced a planned Five Million dollar expansion of its USA Waterford Michigan location to a total of six new locations within Nigeria Africa. Startup Five specializes in the promotion & marketing of small to medium-sized businesses worldwide is ranked among the top 19,000 USA companies & websites in the United States according to Alexa site rankings. Startup Five's claim to fame in success for small to medium businesses includes a proprietary blend of five key elements Advertising, Marketing, Digital Media, Branding & SEO. "We are going to take Nigeria Africa by storm," claims Mr. Suitor

Spokesperson RJ Suitor a proclaimed visionary who had a spiritual vision to "Do This" is the company founder and CEO sums it up " We give small companies a big footprint on the worldwide web" According to Mr. Suitor "Our concept is a complex formula we know that simply works for small businesses." We had an opportunity in a new Bitcoin. Black cryptocurrency venture which was launched as joint venture team partner concept earlier this year and was able to work with a team of skilled Nigerian Advertising & Marketing team in Nigeria." "We were blown over-impressed by how polite, respectful, hardworking, skilled, and driven our Nigerian student & post student team members were in that effort."

Mr. Suitor added ..."We began to talk within our senior partner group about the idea to expand our advertising & marketing team about the huge potential available in Nigeria, Africa of a population near two hundred million the most populated country in all of Africa. We had heard rumors about Nigerian scams or another such talk that could not be any further from the truth of what we had discovered. We found our Nigerian working partners were Christian and Muslim faith-based. These skilled people in Nigeria are being underutilized in their amazing talents worldwide. It is being so underlooked by the USA and the top nation's so we are going to take advantage of the high skilled high talent of its college student population of outstanding skills." Mr. Suitor states "The Bitcoin. Black project partnership was an amazing success as our 8 partner groups who represented our company placed partners at the top of the Bitcoin.Black Rewards team out of 1.1 Million Members our partners all placed at above our near the top 110 promoters in Bitcoin. Black membership worldwide many thanks to our Nigerian ground team of brand promoters." This accumulated rewards of more than 200 Million BCB coins in Bitcoin. Black planned upcoming IEO launch efforts.
The average Nigerian earns under $2 per day according to world statistics "My motto is "Lead By Example. Let others take note judge my results and follow me" Mr. Suitor went on to say " I hope to start a trend in USA business owners of my size to take a very good look at the idea of expansion in Nigeria which s ripe for great advantages for USA based business ventures. I honestly would tell you I would take one Nigerian Student worker and pair them up against 25 of our bright young workers in the USA and I have to tell you I would bet my money on the Nigerian student age worker to outperform with the respect, diligence, loyalty, and courtesy I have not seen in the USA in decades

We at Startup Five are going to take advantage of the labor cost advantages that hire a Nigerian student worker brings in the advertising and marketing world our business plan for our investor network is simple we will follow the McDonald's Restaurant chain at their startup to keep it simple it's hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, and milkshakes. This was the principle that made McDonald's a sucess do not complicate the services we offer to our small to medium-sized business clients, Our other principle to steps to success will be the Amazon Principle. Do one thing right in their case it was downloading books undercut the competition in price and drive the competitors out. We will be able to launch our proven business services to our B2B customer base at a price point heads and tails below our competitors in the advertising game. Nobody will be able to compete with our pricing structure of what we do. As we perform those services done by our Nigerian professional workforce it will be at a fraction of the cost USA skilled talent would need to be paid. RJ Suitor states "It will be a very good livable career wages for our Nigerian advertising and marketing teams of partners that include web/graphics/multi-media, copywriters, social networkers, bloggers, brand promoters, SEO specialist and leadership team partners.

Mr. Suitor states "I believe you have a better worker when they own a piece of it." "We are going to offer very attractive salary wages, bonuses, commissions, plus stock ownership and profit-sharing. "We are planning on our Nigerian team to all be partners in this venture and to own it." " I wish more entrepreneur visionaries like me would think the same way as we do." "In addition to comprehensive skilled partner wages, our expansion capital by our investor groups we will raise up funds necessary that will offer equipment such as laptops, cell phones, phone service fees, cell phone services, home office locations, and other such items needed for success in the advertising and marketing world."

One important point states RJ Suitor 'We are going to turn the tables on our competitors in the advertising game who must rely on high fees to justify their USA and other free word employment markets who then are forced pay out high wages to its workforce to justify its existence. "We are going to turn the tables on these players in the advertising and marketing world business leaders and spike the ball in their home field" "We will offer more much more to small to medium B2B businesses at a price point which will be a death knell to those who operate in our professional business world"

RJ Suitor explains "We will be following up with the media where our branches will be open and who is heading up those branches. In our skills network, we have over 120 skilled workers formulating our team. There are too many to name of great skills we plan to give a lot of publicity due in our branch appointments I credit Wizzy Brown of South-South Nigeria, Nkereuwem Umoefik, Sunes the Micah Brothers Eliezer Barnabas Rachael Umoefik and so many more that we will be featuring upfront and personal in future press releases of our company appointment announcements to the media. All of you have just begun to hear the name Startup Five you will be hearing more from us much more from us. We will be anywhere and everywhere our Omini presence will be felt all over the internet and in the news. "Watch us added RJ Suitor and bank on it!."