13th Annual Universe Day Offers New Hope for Life on Earth

Come Together on April 10th to Once Again Celebrate Our Amazing Universe. Universe Day helps educate us on how to manage our world's biggest challenges. 

Online PR News – 08-April-2021 – San Francisco, CA – Universe Day is an annual event held on the second Saturday of every April. Universe Day seeks to takes you to where Earth day leaves off. It effectively helps us to solve our planet's problems from a larger, universe-scaled evolutionary perspective.
Universe Day is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out-now viral event. Imitate it, adapt it, improve it, and even steal it if it means that its message is more quickly adopted for reversing the fossil fuel-caused global temperature increases and for building a more sustainable future. 
The message behind Universe Day is derived in part from the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." As most people are aware, the challenges we now face on a global scale, such as radical temperature increase, nuclear and traditional war, pollution, non-sustainable environmental degradation, the global economy, have serious consequences. Rather than merely feeling overwhelmed by these challenges, the impetus behind Universe Day is to expand how one thinks about them by energizing a broader universe-scale perspective and shifting lives and actions into a better alignment with universe-evolution-informed solutions.

Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the world are encouraged to self-organize their own Universe Day events and meetups to forward the Universe Day message.

An essential part of Universe Day's message shows us how universe-scaled evolutionary science can help individuals work together more effectively to improve the 12 most critical global crises of our times. For starters, this requires the "first things first" practicality and hard work involved in reversing fossil fuel-caused global temperature increases and building a more sustainable environment for succeeding generations.

"Because of the worsening of 12 of our major global crises and their potential combined humanity-ending effects, it's everyone's Job One for Humanity to now act," says Lawrence Wollersheim, one of the originators of the Universe Day message.

"The progressive evolutionary momentum of the universe as a whole system IS the power responsible for sustaining our personal and global physical existence. We are embedded within evolution and moving within its unstoppable processes. Evolution within the universe is the most physically dominant yet invisible factor controlling all life and everything around us," says Wollersheim.

With recent innovations in cosmology and evolutionary biology, we've discovered more knowledge about the evolution of life and the universe in the past 20 years than in all of human history. This is no small improvement. Humanity is now capable of using knowledge derived from the biggest playing field there is --- the universe."

The 13th Annual Universe Day event is facilitated by the Universe Institute, Universe Spirit, and Job One for Humanity. The Universe Institute is a non-profit think tank that researches the world's most critical issues from an integration of evolutionary and universe whole-systems perspectives while also using the new dialectical thinking processes designed for understanding and managing the interacting complex systems in our lives.

Universe Spirit is a non-profit organization educating about how the New Universe Worldview, universe citizenship, and Evolution Spirituality can be used to create a just, prosperous and sustainable world.

Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization educating on the accelerating global warming emergency and what we can do about it while we still can.

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