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The latest episode of ‘Coffee with Dr. Stewart’ is now available to listeners on all main stream podcast platforms.

Online PR News – 31-March-2021 – 03/31/2021, Austin, TX – Listen to the latest episode of ‘Coffee with Dr. Stewart’, while he discusses “How To Overcome Post COVID Complications & How To Protect Yourself From New Covid Variants” with Host and CEO of Neurobiologix Supplements Kara Stewart-Mullens.

Many people are wondering what the potential health consequences will be post COVID infection, and what you can or should do after the fact to protect your long-term health.
Podcast host Kara Stewart-Mullens asks what Post-COVID symptoms Dr. Stewart has seen amongst his own patients and how he has helped his patients recover to full health and assist them with preparing the immune system to protect them from future COVID variants.

- Don’t take immune ‘boosting’ supplements Dr. Stewart says…

Dr. Stewart reveals the first step in helping patients recover from “Post COVID Syndrome” and health issues is “controlling the inflammation” and gives us an insight into the nutrition and medication he may prescribe to patients to help “buffer their immune response”.
He also reveals that there is a large misconception that “boosting your immune system” helps combat Post COVID symptoms, when in reality it can lead to more fatal symptoms, as it causes your immune system to be overly aggressive and go into overdrive trying to fight off the disease.

- Problems with mood, depression and fatigue

People who have severe symptoms of COVID-19 often find they develop post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression and anxiety. Dr. Stewart explains this is caused by inflammation of cells in the brain. To reduce these symptoms Dr. Stewart recommends increasing glucose delivery back to the brain by taking DCI 500 (D-Chiro-Inositol) and Methyl Folate to support the immune and nervous systems along with the essential methylation pathway which is responsible for over 250 biochemical processes in the body.

- How to prepare your immune system for COVID

Many listeners have written in to the podcast worried about potential side effects of the vaccine and anxious to discover whether it will provide immunity to new strains and variants of the disease. Only time can definitively answer those questions but if you have chosen to get the vaccine or not, it’s always important to support your immune system. Dr. Stewart recommends PEA Soothe Support nutritional formula along with CBD to help control your cannabinoid receptors, which allows your immune system to function at an optimal rate. He also explains the importance of genetic testing to listeners, as we all have unique supplementation needs and it is not a one size fits all for nutrition.

For a more in-depth guidance and tips to improve your health and well-being listen to the full episode of - “How To Overcome Post COVID Complications & How To Protect Yourself From Future COVID Strains” on the “Coffee with Dr. Stewart” podcast here:

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