Rader Law Firm Discusses How to Choose a Divorce Attorney in Arizona

One of Arizona’s top family law firms shares helpful information for those navigating divorce

Online PR News – 29-March-2021 – Phoenix, AZ – As one of the leading family law firms in Phoenix, Rader Law Firm is often called upon for their expertise. Recently, Diana Rader of Rader Law Firm shared helpful insight about how to choose a divorce attorney in Arizona.

First, Rader notes the importance of not automatically choosing the cheapest divorce attorney, “We understand there may be a temptation to go with the cheapest divorce attorney you can find, but this can come at an even greater cost. Rather than searching for a cheap divroce attorney, look for one with a proven track record of success and years of experience. Investing in experienced, good-quality representation will be well worth it in the long run.”

If their correspondence and communication is unreasonably inconsistent this is also a warning

Next, Rader discussed the importance of research before hiring a divorce lawyer, “The internet is full of useful information, including reviews and other things you’ll want to know about your potential divorce attorney. Doing this research is a good place to start, then it’s time to interview your selection to find out if you’re a good match.”

Rader also mentions three of the most important questions to ask an attorney before hiring them for a divorce:

What is your trial record and history of success in divorce cases?
Who will be managing the day-to-day issues with your case?
What kind of access do you have to additional resources, including financial experts, forensic appraisers, and more?

Finally, Rader discussed the red flags to look out for when hiring a divorce attorney. First, Rader explains that if a divorce attorney makes unrealistic promises, consider this a red flag, “If their correspondence and communication is unreasonably inconsistent, this is also a warning.”

Rader also encourages people navigating a divorce to be sure they are hiring a divorce attorney who respects their time and focuses on their case when they’re with their clients. If an attorney seems distracted by phone calls and other events during meetings, they might not be the right choice. It is also a red flag if an attorney is unwilling or unable to provide a potential client with references, statistics, and other important information they are asked about before hiring them.

Diana Rader and Rader Law Firm can be reached for further comment or information at: 480-636-1888.

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