PixelPlex Updates STO Webpage

PixelPlex has updated the STO webpage. The webpage elaborates on how an investor can benefit from the STO platform.

Online PR News – 06-April-2021 – New York, NY – PixelPlex has given an official update on its end-to-end Security Token Offering (STO) platform. This comes after an update released in February 2021 to confirm an update on the platform’s webpage. The company confirmed the webpage update and gave details on the platform’s solutions while releasing the update.

The platform offers an up-to-date solution for assets tokenization while providing the necessary infrastructure to control the STO campaigns entirely. The solution also comes with an inbuilt exchange feature that works as a peer-to-peer digital investment marketplace making global securities trading possible. It goes through four phases, initiation, UI/UX design, and architecture, including blockchain setup and customization, integration and customization, and finally, delivery and development.

The platform’s main features cover all areas of digital investment needs. It enables the automation of processes and verifies clients’ identities, assessment, and detection of potentially illegal activity risks, and reporting them. The programmed assets ownership powered by smart contracts has an ownership transfer, share issuance and re-issuance, and refund or minimum funding goal. Any suspicious activity or problem with a transaction triggers a stop function.

In addition, the team asserted that the platform manages user interface content for investors’ campaigns and landing pages. Tracks the campaign status, gives indicators and statistics in a single view, and directs communication channels between a client and the investor pool. The digital tokens wallets are accessible on mobile and desktop, enabling users to track transactions from anywhere and receive real-time information on transactions.

The PixelPlex development team confirmed that the STO platform offers optimal security and privacy to its users through high-end encryption, the 2FA, and data backup. The intended result for the elimination of development and integration load on users has been achieved. The platform gives the user complete control of all processes. It also eliminates redundancies, significantly reducing costs giving room for increased revenue.

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