Ubuy Announces Its Upcoming Ramadan 2021 Sale in Qatar

Ubuy Qatar, a popular global cross-border shopping platform in Qatar is launching their upcoming Ramadan festival sale, on their app and website.

Online PR News – 27-March-2021 – Doha – Ubuy Qatar, a popular global cross-border shopping platform in Qatar is launching their upcoming Ramadan festival sale, on their app and website.

The month of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims across the globe and they fast from dawn to dusk for the whole month. In Qatar, Ramadan is celebrated with traditional food, attires and fervent prayers. Each day ends with breaking the fast with a meal called the Iftar. The purpose of this feast is to gather friends and family together and enjoy the time by sharing food. People love to prepare local delicacies during this time. People also exchange Ramadan food with neighbours which are mostly traditional dishes.

This is the best time to do all your shopping and get benefits from the Ubuy Ramadan sale. Save money and enjoy shopping for all your favourite products with unbelievable offers on a wide range of products. During this season people of Qatar rush to give alms to the poor and seek divine blessings.

Along with all the fun, people also enjoy shopping during this time, since different brands offer multiple attractive offers and people would buy stuff for themselves and their loved ones. Ubuy is also a popular online shopping service provider that offers heavy discounts and hot deals to people through its Ramadan sale. Stay safe and follow the Covid 19 guidelines to keep yourself, your family and others secure.

# About Ubuy

Ubuy is a popular global Ecommerce company launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Kuwait, the middle east. It provides online shopping services to people in more than 10,000 plus cities in 6 continents covering 90 countries. Its wide network services cover most parts of North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East (MENA region). Customers have the option to choose from more than 50 plus million products of different top global brands. Ubuy provides all its customers with the option to choose diverse products from different international stores like US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Kuwait stores.

# Explore the Fascinating Ramadan Sale on Ubuy

The Ubuy Qatar Ramadan Sale is currently live on their website and the app. It will continue for two months and all customers can get benefits every time they shop during this time period. You can enjoy an instant discount and cashback when you buy all your favourite stuff on this reliable shopping platform.

# 5% Instant Discount + 5% Cashback

Customers can use the code given below to get their instant discount and cashback whenever they shop on Ubuy during Ramadan sale. The cashback amount will be credited to their respective Ucredit account and can be used for any future shopping on Ubuy. Shopping during this festive season can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone.

# Use Code: URAMADAN

# How Shopping from Ubuy Qatar is Beneficial?
* Get special deals, discounts and attractive offers on over 50 million diverse products.
* Find top brands and the latest global fashion trends
* Stay safe with secure transactions and privacy
* Enjoy fast shipping with prompt customs clearance services
* Experience excellent 24/7 customer service
* Get Fascinating Deals on the Following Product Categories

Ramadan is a great time to do all your shopping and get all the important and useful products. It’s the time to celebrate the festive season, along with awesome deals and special offers. You can save more when you shop during a sale. The following categories of products are very useful and essential to celebrate Ramadan with full enthusiasm and zest at home. They can make life better and more convenient.

# Small Appliances
* Blenders
* Food Processors
* Coffee Makers
* Rice Cookers

# Roasting & Frying
* Electric Grills
* Microwaves
* Toasters and Ovens
* Fryers

# Dinnerware
* Cutlery Sets
* Crockery Sets
* Serveware
* Food Containers

# Cookware
* Cookware Sets
* Grill Pans
* Dutch Ovens
* Pressure Cookers

# Decoration
* Star String Lights
* Candle Lanterns
* Wooden Ramadan Ornaments
* Ramadan Mubarak Decorations

# Foods & Drinks
* Dates
* Juices
* Dry Fruits
* Faloodas

Customers can access the website “https://www.ubuy.qa/en/ramadan-deal-offers-sale” to enjoy Ramadan online shopping sale, or download the Ubuy shopping app, to explore the magical world of global brands and world-class products.