Kericho Gold Awarded Superbrands Tea

The award of Superbrands Seal is a big achievement for the Kenyan brand.

Online PR News – 26-March-2021 – Mississauga – One of the world's most liked tea brands, Kenya-based tea manufacturer Kericho Gold has been awarded the most prestigious 'Superbrands Seal.' Superbrands East Africa awards the Seal. Superbrands is one of the leading judges of branding globally, working for the past 27 years and more; and across 90 countries of the world. The Seal is a stamp of brand supremacy, authenticity, and top-notch quality.

Kericho Gold gets the coveted Seal due to the superior quality and vivid variety of tea leaves. The Seal proves beyond any doubt the genuine quality and the finest tea standards worldwide. Superbrands seal is a note of trustworthiness and respect, because of which customers willingly pay a premium price to consume such products. Selecting a brand starts with creating a voluntary board of industry specialists that assesses the brand and the products. The experts come from diversified backgrounds and form a panel or a board that is termed Brand Council.

The award of Superbrands Seal is a big achievement for the Kenyan brand. Launched in 2002, Kericho Gold is known for manufacturing fruity and herbal Kericho Gold tea that is caffeine-free and is naturally-made.

Speaking on occasion, Mr. Fahim Ahmed, the Managing Director of the brand, spoke about its commitment to offering consistent quality Kericho Gold pure Kenyan tea. He spoke about the brand's single-focused work on manufacturing high-quality tea leaves and bags without compromising the standards, quality, nutritional value, or taste.

One of Kericho Gold's key aspects is a distinct differentiation from other tea brands available in the market. The brand has maintained a distinct 'striving for success' culture. For Kericho Gold, getting the award of Superbrands Seal is a big milestone. With five tea variants and fifty-two tea blends, the company has progressed with a confident stride ever since its evolvement, almost two decades back.

The Managing Director mentioned that the brand has maintained its standards of making premium Kericho Gold tea bags and is committed to doing so till the very end. The company is known to have new standards internationally in the niche of excellent quality and taste.
The Project Director and Associate Publisher of Superbrands East Africa mentioned that the brand's consistency and to offer such high-quality products to consumers were key reasons for the award going to Kericho Gold. With the Seal, Kericho Gold is now one of the 20,000 top brands of the world, which have received the Superbrand status.
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