Harish Jagtani Handed Over a Mobile Clinic to the Government to Help Drc Fight COVID-19

The HJ Foundation came out as a helping hand for the citizens of DRC and handed over a mobile clinic to the central government.

Online PR News – 25-March-2021 – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – As the cases of COVID-19 are rising in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the HJ Foundation came out as a helping hand for the citizens of DRC and handed over a mobile clinic to the central government on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, in the parking lot of the Grand Hotel Kinshasa, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Health, Eteni Longondo.
With this initiative, the HJ Foundation visions to promote through its actions, charity, solidarity, compassion and aims to improve the quality of living for the citizens and communities of Congolese and to provide assistance to all poor and vulnerable populations.

Moreover, Minister of Health, Dr. Eteni Longondo appreciated this move by HJ Foundations. Further stating that, apart from patients suffering from COVID-19, this mobile clinic can later be used for other patients as well.
“This Covid-19 mobile clinic has the implementation of the philosophy that directs and guides the actions of HJ Foundation. It will, from this day and now, be made available to the government authority within the framework of a public-private partnership with a view to strengthening the reception capacity of public and private hospitals in the city of Kinshasa”, declared Jean Mukenge.

The mobile clinic for COVID-19 patients offered by HJ Foundation consists of more than 200 hydraulic medical beds, more than 30 ventilators, 9 tents, a waiting room for patients, a sampling and trellis service, a room for administrative formalities, 7 compartments for medical staff and 6 compartments for patients. Each equipped with hygienic facilities, these air-conditioned tents contain fire-resistant edges including fire extinguishers.

And In-order to meet water needs, the clinic is grassing a water borehole with two wells. And to generate adequate electricity for all the clinical machines, the clinic has the facility to the SNEL electricity supply network, also has energy autonomy with a 200 KVA generator and lamps connected to solar panels.