CreditQ Helps Businesses Understand the Significance of Business Credit Score

CreditQ, a leading credit reporting bureau, has launched an application that lets MSMEs and businessmen.

Online PR News – 22-March-2021 – Jaipur – CreditQ, a leading credit reporting bureau, has launched an application that lets MSMEs and businessmen list their business credit defaulters and understand the value of having a good business credit score. The company leverages the market needs to settle payments with the debtors.

Many factors contribute to the success of the business, such as its financial ability, its rapport among the clients, its approach towards the market, and how it utilizes the credit. It all builds up a credible business credit report that can be accessed by other businesses that are looking to build a healthy relationship to accelerate their business growth.

CreditQ prepares business credit reports and scores undertaking an extensive amount of information. It includes the company’s address and contact details, its payment and credit history, credit utilization rate, reviews from the clients and customers, and the company’s public documents. It obtains all this information by conducting thorough research about the client’s businesses. It adds up to building a fair credit report using the latest and updated information.

A good business credit score opens several doors for business owners to enjoy financial market stability. It lays a solid foundation for MSMEs and businessmen to boost their borrowing power and enjoy seamless credit benefits from the market. The application centers around the needs and demands of businesses to work in harmony with other businesses. It lets a small business owner know the factors that affect the business growth positively and negatively. The business credit report directs businesses to a path full of opportunities considering stern measures to improve their financial performance and stay on good terms with their investors and creditors.

CreditQ works with GSTN holders and businesses that look to form partnerships with other businesses. Its membership program focuses on easing out the burden of settling payments with several debtors. MSMEs and businessmen can list their business credit defaulters on the platform and get help in payment settlement.

During the research and analysis stage, the company read many factors that let businesses define their financial worth in the industry and those of the clients they deal with. There’s a dire need for a streamlined process to make the payment settlement process easier and quicker. In a business landscape, lending credit is a common facility. However, the crux is to know the risks attached to borrowing funds and how to enhance the payment process so that both parties enjoy its benefits.

CreditQ’s vision is to comfort a struggling client by offering him/her viable solutions that make the company stand out from other business credit reporting agencies. The company aims at establishing a trustworthy relationship with its clients by offering a delighting customer service experience. With a team of experienced financial leaders, it focuses on capturing the market’s attention with its reliable and relevant services.

About CreditQ Inc.

CreditQ is the first app and web-based platform in India that works with MSMEs and businesses to help settle payments from business credit defaulters and protect their businesses against financial fraud.