Powerful and Insightful Mental Health Memoir Books Now Available

Mental Health memoir books written by award winning author now available as signed set together for the first time with a low bulk price

Online PR News – 17-March-2021 – Edmonton, Alberta – Leif Gregersen, pushing the boundaries of mental health literature, talks about subjects all too long kept in the darkness in his three mental health memoirs. Inside Leif's three books, the author tells the gripping and personal story of life on the edges, life in a psychiatric hospital, and the dark, debilitating effects of things like depression, mania, delusions and hallucinations.

His first book also tells about how Leif slowly developed a severe mental illness, from when he had his first delusional thoughts, and how he treated his illness with alcohol. Leif Gregersen, award winning author of ten successful books, uses his lived experience with schizoaffective disorder with anxiety to open the eyes of many, and comfort the anguish of sufferers in three amazing memoirs.

The first book, "Through the Withering Storm" which tells of Leif's teen years as he battled the demons of anxiety and depression which led to a final, complete breakdown, is continued in "Inching Back to Sane" as Leif takes ownership of his illness and starts down the long road to recovery, with the help of family, friends, and all the resources available in modern psychiatry. This book is about the non-linear recovery process from mental illness where you don't always heal in one straight line or always visibly move forward. Leif's third memoir book, "Alert and Oriented x3: A Snapshot of a Severe Psychosis" is the story of a hospitalization years later due to a problem with a medication that sent Leif into a sea of delusions and paranoia. This last book is very unique and very critical in the learning needs of psychiatry students of today, in that parts of it was actually written while on a hospital psychiatric ward. Statements from family and places to reach out to for help are included, and even the actual clinical notes from his nurses and doctors.

All three of these mental health books are available by contacting Leif at his email, viking3082000@yahoo.com or on Amazon. Books bought directly from Leif will be signed, and if requested, contain an original Haiku only written in that one book. Evaluation copies are available upon request.

Leif has been writing and selling books for some time, but also has become a sought-after public speaker, and also gives presentations to varied groups about mental health and how better to live with it or deal with those who suffer. Leif also teaches creative writing, mentors fellow writers into the craft, and works with the recreational therapy program in the hospital he was once a patient in.

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