Cincinnati Area Author Pens Children’s Book About a Unipanda Girl and Her Family

“Pina Panda – Adventures in Pandacornlandia” Now on Sale Online as an E-book and a Paperback at

Online PR News – 19-March-2021 – Fort Thomas, Kentucky – Cincinnati area freelance writer and author of “The Unofficial Guidebook to Paramount’s Kings Island,” Charles Infosino, has just penned a children’s book titled “Pina Panda – Adventures in Pandacornlandia.” The book was illustrated and edited by Missy McGrew, an exceptionally talented artist from Pennsylvania.

Pina Panda is an eight-year-old unipanda – a panda bear with a unicorn horn on its head. Unipandas are magical creatures who live on an island called Pandacornlandia. It is located somewhere between the southeast of China and the northwest of Australia.

The book narrates some of Pina’s family adventures and teaches about the values of family, friendship and having a good imagination.

Pina Panda is geared toward kids age 6 to 10. It is based on bedtime stories that the author wrote for his eight-year-old daughter.

Consumers can purchase the e-book or paperback from Amazon at Pina Panda: Adventures in Pandacornlandia - Kindle edition by Infosino, Charles. Children Kindle eBooks @

“The book is an easy read, and the chapters are a good length for a bedtime story. My daughter enjoyed hearing about Pina’s adventures and making text to self-connections with parts of the story,” Behavior Coach Tina Pratt said in Cincinnati Family Magazine’s book review. “She related to Pina’s disappointment over a trip being canceled due to COVID-19 and was excited for Pina to finally ride the big rides at Queen’s Island.

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