AAII Releases Investor's Guide to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Annual Mutual Fund Guide

Information is now available on more than 24,000 mutual funds and 2,400 ETFs with portfolio composition, tax-cost ratios, and more online.

Online PR News – 16-March-2021 – Chicago – The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is proud to announce the 2021 annual mutual fund guide release. The 2021 guide includes category averages, mutual fund grades, and the annual exchange-traded fund (ETF) guide. Members can now utilize the data in both guides to explore the mutual fund and ETF evaluator tools, comparison tools, and ‘first cut’ mutual fund and ETF articles.

The 2021 guides have a new design in the print and PDF guides. The format consists of a single page instead of the previous two-page spread, increasing the total number of funds covered in both guides. Members will find approximately 400 mutual funds and a similar number of ETFs in the print and PDF guides. The online versions feature a revised format that provides data on more than 24,500 mutual funds and 2,400 ETFs. Both guides use category averages and a grading system. Both the print and the online version use mutual fund grades ranging from A to F. The scale works just like education grades: A’s are considered good grades, while D’s and F’s are regarded as poor performance and failing. Each grade is tied to a percentile rank based on how a specific fund compares to its category peers. The online version provides additional data and useful information about the composition of a fund’s portfolio, beta for equity funds, interest rate sensitivity for bond funds, and minimum initial purchase amounts. The data will be updated monthly and is available for download to Excel spreadsheets.

By combining this data with the AAII Compare Funds Tool and tracking funds with AAII’s My Portfolio, members can view the mutual funds and ETFs in their portfolio with A–F grades. For AAII A+ Investor subscribers, mutual fund and ETF screeners are available, along with real-time portfolio analysis, lists of hot and cold mutual funds & ETFs, and more.

"AAII is well known for our Sentiment Survey, our Driehaus Strategy analysis, insight on the Warren Buffett stock strategy and stock screening guide. Benzinga recognizes AAII as 'one of the best and most affordable research and learning platforms for investing that you can find,' and Well Kept Wallet named AAII one of the '10 Best Investment Sites to Invest Like a Pro.' Journalists, editors, and financial consultants frequently use AAII data and analysis for investor education articles in The Motley Fool, Zacks Investment Research, Forbes, and Business Insider. We're looking forward to sharing information about mutual funds and ETFs in upcoming articles and market updates," said Charles Rotblut, CFA, AAII Journal editor.

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