Legal Knowledge To Lead: UNITAR And The British Legal Centre Global Partnership

UNITAR and the British Legal centre announce their innovative new partnership to provide legal, financial, and environmental courses globally.

Online PR News – 15-March-2021 – London, UK – Both organizations will partner each other to provide a wide range of legal, financial, and environmental courses covering all aspects of legal and financial aspects which will result from climate change and environmental adaptation.

To begin UNITAR have endorsed and quality certified British legal centre courses of Legal writing, Legal English, Contract drafting, and Contract law, although other new environmental and financial courses will follow shortly.

Both organizations will now partner to provide these courses, plus a wide range of new environmental law and finance courses to a global market. We have jointly created a system to introduce both organizations’ audiences to opportunities to advance their skills, networks, and careers in their own time.

As the COVID 19 crisis has caused many to work from home, all the courses are as flexible as possible. Lessons can be accessed through private courses, group lessons, or pre-recorded lessons at any time. All courses are set up to use a hands-on approach where students work through real-life situations, case studies, interactive exercises, and more. The courses use cutting-edge technology to make the online learning experience as smooth and engaging as possible. As soon as the COVID 19 crisis permits we will run joint training programs in UNITAR’s premises in Geneva, Rome, New York, and elsewhere.

Included in the initial stages of this collaboration are our Contract Law courses, Contract Drafting courses, Legal English courses, and Legal Writing courses. The Contract Law course helps participants understand the law and vocabulary through lessons covering all aspects of Contract law.
? The Contract and Legal Document Drafting teaches the essential skills of writing clear documents and contracts and also explains legal vocabulary and phrases.
? The Legal English course covers both the law and legal vocabulary relating to contract and company law topics, plus IP Law, Banking and Finance.
? The Legal Writing course teaches the essential skills needed to write clear, concise, correct legal English in correspondence, reports, and court texts.
Other courses will be added over the coming months.

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