Group of Exclusive Brands MER Patrimony Launches a Site to Make Aristocracy Great Again

MER Patrimony is a group of luxurious brands united by the shared values of setting a new standard in the industry and reviving the aristocratic lifestyle.

Online PR News – 12-March-2021 – Orlando Florida – MER Patrimony is a group of luxurious brands united by the shared values of setting a new standard in the industry and reviving the aristocratic lifestyle for their community. The company has launched its site to let the modern chevaliers experience the world of exquisite food and beverages, comfortable villas, and lush yachts.

The site shows visitors a wide range of popular MER brands like Scarpa Vini and ?1 Botanicals, the gripping story of the company, its mission and values, and the directions it masters — from food and drinks to traveling and hospitality. MER Patrimony is a captivating combination of traditional values and constant enthusiasm for exploration and diversity.


MER Patrimony offers a wide range of revolutionary brands so every modern chevalier can find something to their liking. The brands include Monvigliero Vineyard Villas, the most remarkable wineries like Scarpa Vini, ?1 Botanicals herbal water, and Ragnar, a superyacht to explore the world with top-notch entertainment and service.

Wine & Spirits

Top-quality wines and spirits have always been the attributes of the aristocratic lifestyle. MER Patrimony values diversity and offers clients a wide range of brands from all over the world with unique products and stories.

Scarpa Vini is a remarkable winery based in Nizza Monferrato, Piedmont. The company follows the traditions of winemaker Mario Pesce and supports sustainable agriculture to ensure the wine lovers get a perfect wine with a unique fragrance and good intensity. Scarpa Vini produces various types of wine, but red wine is their specialty.

MAÏA Wine is another brand that belongs to the group of MER Patrimony. The winery lets everyone catch the vibe of sunny Provence and feel a breeze from the Mediterranean sea. This refreshing wine with fruity layers, orange peel, and fragrance of red currant can satisfy even the most demanding wine lover.

Besides wine, MER Patrimony has rum and gin in their collection so everyone can get acquainted with the culture of spirits. What’s more, there’s also a wide range of herbal drinks without sugar and sweeteners. ?1 Botanicals has a vast selection of herbal water — mint, fennel, ginger, rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, juniper, and meadowsweet.


Today’s chevaliers can’t live without traveling, so MER Patrimony offers a splendid solution to explore the world like a pro. Ragnar is a five-decked superyacht with top-notch service and entertainment.

Onboard Ragnar, guests can enjoy a gym, a SPA center, a gorgeous open-air swimming pool, helipad and submarine rides, water sports, and a spacious deck for mind-blowing parties. The award-winning chef is always ready to cook any of your favorite dishes. Ragnar is designed in a Medieval style and there are 9 comfortable cabins available so guests can relax after an action-packed day.

The sophisticated design of the yacht and mesmerizing seascapes will make any journey unforgettable. Ragnar is equipped with PC5 diesel-electric pod-drive engines and Ice Class A1 hull. It makes Ragnar a perfect vessel to reach any travel destination — from the coldest lands of Alaska and Lapland to the white-sand beaches of Fiji and the Caribbean.


The majority of modern chevaliers are history buffs, as it’s impossible to consider themselves as knights without the knowledge of history. These people value the places where they can enjoy timeless architecture, explore the captivating history of Europe, observe medieval castles, and savor exquisite food and wine. MER Patrimony provides clients with amazing locations where they can combine exploration with delightful gastronomic experiences and comfortable accommodation.

Monvigliero Vineyard Villas is a fantastic place for those who want to explore the remarkable historical spots, mesmerizing landscapes, and beautiful vineyards of Piedmont. All villas are equipped with professional kitchens, cozy dining rooms, security systems, electric car charging stations, private gardens, and 2-car garages.

It’s literally impossible to get bored here as guests can enjoy a wide spectrum of entertainment activities — from truffle hunting and wine tasting to cycling and taking a walking tour.

Osteria La Bogliona allows everyone to savor delicious wines of Piedmont along with exquisite dishes prepared by seasoned chefs. Such an experience will delight even the most demanding gourmet.


MER Patrimony offers its guests an informative blog where a modern chevalier can find everything to their liking. Whether a visitor is an entrepreneur striving to grow their brand or a consumer longing for new experiences, they’ll find all the required info in MER Patrimony Blog.

Today’s aristocrats can read about the tips on how to travel like a local, the gripping history of modern drinks, the most amazing places to visit all over the world, and lists of food pairings for almost any drink.

Design of the Site

The design of the site is both simple and elegant, so it’s convenient and easy to use. Stylish blue and white palette and eye-catching illustrations dominate the palette.

Visitors won’t find here any unnecessary and distracting features — only the ones they need to find the required information. The site also contains the following sections: Home, Our story, Brands, Hospitality, Beverages, Blog, and Contacts.

MER Patrimony is a reliable guide to the world of aristocracy and age-old values. The company creates unique experiences and allows every modern chevalier to explore the world of traveling around the world, lush food and beverages, and comfortable accommodation.