Purple Patch Fitness Launches New Athlete-Focused Strength Training Program

Purple Patch Fitness has launched its newest training option: a unique online strength plan specifically designed for endurance athletes.

Online PR News – 12-March-2021 – San Francisco, CA – Purple Patch Fitness, a company focused on delivering premium online training, education, and live interactive coaching for time-starved athletes, is proud to announce the recent launch of Purple Patch Strength: a modular online strength training plan specifically designed for endurance athletes. Purple Patch Strength is a uniquely structured, progressive, and highly flexible full-season functional strength program that enhances and supplements an athlete’s existing training for endurance sports including running, cycling, and triathlon.

The endurance sport community is vast: as reference, in 2019 over 18 million athletes competed in road running races in the US and over 150,000 more participated in IRONMAN and Challenge Family multisport events. More than 50,000 participants registered in the virtual Rock’n’Roll Marathon series and 113,000 in IRONMAN VR triathlon events in 2020. Athletes and coaches in this space are growing increasingly aware of the critical role that functional strength plays in amplifying performance. However, few effective options exist for athletes and coaches to actually incorporate it into training. Purple Patch Fitness developed the Strength program to fill this urgent need and serve as a uniquely powerful alternative to the generic, unstructured, incomplete, and inflexible strength programs options that currently exist.

Matt Dixon, co-founder and CEO of Purple Patch Fitness, author, and IRONMAN Master Coach, elaborates: “We are incredibly excited to deliver a video-based solution for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts that can be easily integrated with their current program, allows progression throughout an entire year of performance, and includes all the aspects of strength, conditioning and self-care that we think are so important, yet often are ignored or create confusion for athletes.”

The dynamic year-round online training program of Purple Patch Strength is structured to ensure progress while adapting to the shifting landscape of a typical training and racing season. Its high degree of flexibility and delivery allows athletes to adjust it to their life schedule, available time, fitness level, and access to equipment while still taking full advantage of the program. Most critically, its endurance-focused approach gives athletes an opportunity to not just enhance their performance, but also improve tissue health, resilience, and range of motion. Purple Patch Strength is delivered in 12-week periodized modules through Today’s Plan, a leading training delivery platform. Each week includes targeted full-body strength, core, mobility, and self-care sessions with in-depth instructional videos and clear instructions on how to scale and adapt exercises. Sessions are designed not simply to improve power output, but also to improve the coordination, muscle recruitment, mobility, stability, and balance required for maximum performance in an endurance sport.

The first module of Purple Patch Strength launched on February 10th 2021, and subsequent modules will arrive in spring and summer of 2021. For full details visit purplepatchfitness.com/strength-1 or email info@purplepatchfitness.com.