VAMA WONDER WOMAN AWARDS 2021 – Felicitating Women for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Women are the pillars of the society. She gives birth, she gives morale, she is full of virtues. Empowered women, empower other women!

Online PR News – 11-March-2021 – Surat, Gujarat – Love, Strength, Sacrifice & Courage gives the essence of women in society. Today, they have brought transformation in not just society but in the mentality of an individual. The change in the role of women is progressing for betterment. Vama Wellness Centre for Women had organized Vama Wonder Woman Award Show live on Facebook on Sunday, 7th March at 10:30 am. Mrs. Darshnaben Jardosh- inspirational spirit, was invited as the Guest of Honour.

A woman with a mind & voice has power to change the world. We should appreciate the efforts, commitment, strength & grit of all the 8 Vama Wonder Woman 2021.

Empowering women is what is needed, to show them:

• Their Power to fight,
• Willingness to do what they like,
• Determination to achieve their goal,
• boosting their Confidence to make them stand out in the toughest situation,
• providing them the Opportunity to bring themselves out of their comfort zone,
• Respect to prevent violence against them and
• Most importantly, Love them for who they are, don’t try to change them.
• Let us Salute the spirit of these amazing women!

This encouragement and support from their family and society will help them to realize their worth as a Woman. Every change for good should be appreciated and honored. On this International Women’s Day, VAMA Wellness Centre for women, honors them for breaking the glass ceilings of stereotypical norms of society and the world and appearing as a Wonder Woman!