Matthew Keezer, Former CEO of Momentum Travel Describes How the Vaccine Might affect Tourism

The possible effects of post vaccination on the travel industry and tourism.

Online PR News – 04-March-2021 – Montreal – The first COVID-19 vaccine was injected in December 2020, and ever since then, countries all over the world are trying to ensure vaccines to all citizens. The number of people who received the vaccine is not large, and some travel providers and governments are already accepting proof of vaccination as a requirement for travel.

Some countries, such as Iceland, will allow travelers with a vaccination certificate to skip the mandatory quarantine. Those who have been vaccinated might be tempted to immediately head to the airport, toss their mask, and travel worry-free. But, as Matthew Keezer points out, being vaccinated doesn't mean you are 100% safe. Matthew Keezer explains what happens when travelers receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Traveling after Being Vaccinated
According to the most recent findings, the vaccine starts protecting the person one week after receiving the second dose, as it takes some time for the immune system to kick in. So, Matthew Keezer warns travelers to listen to the experts and remain cautious even after receiving the vaccine.

When it comes to destinations, many countries will likely require travelers to provide proof of having received a COVID-19 vaccine for entry or at least as a requisite for skipping quarantine.

Spreading the Virus After Vaccination
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person can still be infected with COVID-19 after vaccination. However, the vaccine will prevent any serious symptoms or illnesses from occurring.

However, it still remains unclear whether people who have been vaccinated can unknowingly carry and spread the virus without expressing any symptoms. Matthew Keezer advises all travelers who have been vaccinated to do what experts recommend and continue practicing recommended health measures such as wearing a mask and washing hands regularly to protect others and themselves.

Is Traveling Risky for Vaccinated Travelers
The vaccination process isn't happening quickly anywhere in the world. So, it is quite likely that travelers will come into contact with people who haven't been vaccinated anywhere they go. For that reason, it is recommended to stay cautious even if vaccinated.

To minimize exposure to COVID-19, Matt Keezer recommends researching the destination and becoming aware of how risky the destination is. Even if the traveler is vaccinated, they should still wear a mask and practice social distancing for their own sake.

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 provides a great amount of protection. But, even those who have been vaccinated should still remain cautious and continue practicing the health standards introduced during the pandemic. "There is no reason to spend one more year at home if you have been vaccinated," Matthew Keezer says. "But, it is still of utmost importance to stay cautious for your sake and for the sake of all those you come in contact with," Matthew advises.