The Ostellus Team Launches - A New Digital Learning Platform
04/01/2021 enables teachers to design digital lessons through the interactive historical map, combined with exercises, timelines, and more!

Online PR News – 01-April-2021 – Karlsruhe – Ostellus GmbH - Political and historical maps are an essential part of most social science subjects. But how do we use them efficiently in the digital age? What opportunities does digitisation offer to make lessons contemporary and interactive? The vision of the German-based start-up Ostellus is to make the interactivity of maps, exercises, timelines, and visual sources possible in a simplistic, yet expressive way; and the solution is

What is

The platform provides various features for designing digital lessons. It is based on an interactive historical map of the world, combined with interactive exercises, timelines, and other multimedia content to create digital learning resources. These learning resources are used in a variety of ways, typical applications are:

1. Lectures for face-to-face and distance learning: the advantages of the Ostellus presentation modules over the regular presentation programs include the easy-to-use user interface, specially designed for maps and sources, as well as the interactivity of the presentation.
2. Supplement to the digital textbook: the integration capability of the learning modules enables easy integration into learning platforms and websites. Thus, digital school books become
3. Interactive worksheets: pupils work on exercise modules on tablets or PCs. Exercises include exploring and analyzing the interactive maps, as well as answering different questions, such as multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, mark the words, and others.

The Ostellus technology as a toolkit

Teachers are the experts in teaching and is a valuable solution for them. The team has set itself the goal of making the tools intuitive and easy to use for everyone. Map views, colors, markings, and interactive exercises can be configured graphically on the PC or tablet. The teachers are spared the search for suitable map material. Fill in the blanks, multiple-choice questions, and drag-and-drop questions are supported with the help of H5P technology and can therefore be created and edited quickly and intuitively. The integration of with learning management systems is inherently easy.

The focus is on the creativity of the community

Learning modules, created and shared on, are under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0. This means that existing content can be used and adapted freely. This means that all modules can be reused without restriction, which increases the quality of the content and at the same time saves teachers valuable time when preparing lessons.


Various sample modules are available in the showroom:
The showroom is continuously being expanded to present the latest functionalities of the platform.

The July Crisis - a demo by

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