Taza Design Launches Pro Cocktail Muddler for Home Use

Home and drinkware brand TaZa Design has just launched the TaZa! Cocktail Muddler. It's simple, effective, and is bound to be indispensable to every home bar.

Online PR News – 03-March-2021 – New York – Why go to a bar to blow up money on expensive cocktails? The pandemic may have been the original reason so many people started entertaining at home, but even once it’s over, many may not want to go back. That might have something to do with the fact that happy hour at home is way happier (read: cheaper) than a happy hour outdoors.

To encourage this welcome change towards home bartending, established home and drinkware brand TaZa Design has just launched a new product: the TaZa! Cocktail Muddler. This simple but highly effective bar tool is bound to become an indispensable addition to every cocktail kit.

Among the many drinks that one could use it for, are the caprioska, mojito, caipirinha, moscow mule, and an old fashioned. It can be used as a mint muddler, citrus juicer, fruit masher, and even as a manual ice crusher. And if you’re ever in a pinch and need to crush herbs for a marinade or avocados for guacamole, the TaZa! Cocktail Muddler works great for that too!

What makes this product different from competitors’ is that it is crafted for professionals but made simple enough to be used at home. Here’s how:
- Like a professional bartending muddler, it’s long enough to be used in a tall or a short glass, depending on the cocktail you’re making.
- Unlike wooden muddlers which can absorb residue and moisture over time, leading to microbial growth, this drink muddler has a stainless steel body that is lead-free and rust-proof.
- The grooved shape of the cocktail muddler head is perfect for extracting flavor from herbs and spices and is made of high-strength nylon.
- However, the nylon head ensures that your drinkware is free of scratches that you would usually see with an all-steel muddler.

The TaZa Cocktail Muddler is available for sale on the TaZa Amazon store, joining the ranks of other excellent products such as the Pop the Top Bottle Opener, and Unbreakable Glasses. You can see the entire collection at https://www.amazon.com/stores/TaZa/page/84DC7ED5-4C99-4AFC-8262-F5584666DD57?ref_=ast_bln

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