New opportunities for cloud vendors with ActivePlatform’s Vendor Portal

Cloud sales automation platform ActivePlatform released an improved Vendor Portal – point for all cloud vendors to integrate their services with ActivePlatform.

Online PR News – 04-March-2021 – Minsk, Belarus – As you may know, ActivePlatform is a true N-sided marketplace, and with Customer Store and Operators Control Panel faced to end-users and distributors, we also have Vendor Portal that is our entry point for every new cloud vendor, both SaaS, and IaaS.

Vendor Portal is used by SaaS and IaaS vendors, ISVs, and cloud services providers to add new services to ActivePlatform’s vast list of cloud and SaaS services and bring them to the distributors and resellers that use ActivePlatform to manage their distribution networks and sell cloud services.

Since the launch of Vendor Portal in 2018, we have collected many enhancement requests both from our valued partners and vendors. And now we are proud to present new features and enhancements that greatly improve vendors’ experience and speed of new services’ connection.

Among new features, we added the ability to add structured multi-language descriptions of the services. As more and more of our customers launch a multi-country setup of ActivePlatform, they need the ability to add descriptions of the services in different languages from the single-entry point for regional e-commerce stores in different countries. And we answered that request with this great feature. You can select in which languages you will provide descriptions for your cloud service and then fill all the fields in the structured description. You can even add new languages on the fly as your service is already connected to the distribution network and provide new languages to both new and old resellers.
Distributors have now the ability to pull new multi-language descriptions via ActivePlatform powerful API to their own systems and e-commerce solutions.

Additionally, we make it possible to add tariffs and plans for provisioned services in different currencies. Now you can add all needed currencies to your product and define different pricing for your services in that currencies. After that matching with the main currency of the distributor in ActivePlatform will occur and your services will be presented to customers in their local currency.

Finally, we add a manual provisioning option as a complement to automatic integration via REST API. ActivePlatform will send email notifications on subscription events informing you when actions are required on the service side.
That is only a vital part of made improvements. We’ve done work with ActivePlatform’s Vendor Portal much more convenient and straightforward for cloud vendors and providers.

About ActivePlatform
ActivePlatform cloud brokerage platform is deployed in over 20 countries. We have been recognized as an industry innovator by Gartner, Ovum, and MarketandMarkets for delivering a cloud brokerage solution that creates the most efficient ecosystem across cloud vendors, distributors, resellers, and consumers. ActivePlatform is headquartered in Minsk, Belarus.

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