U.S. WEED CHANNEL hires Earl Sampson as SVP of Business Development

U.S. WEED CHANNEL hires Earl Sampson, formerly of Cox Media, as SVP of Business Development. Is now a platform for non-cannabis advertisers!

Online PR News – 03-March-2021 – Los Angeles, CA – For Immediate Release:

Earl Sampson Joins U.S. WEED CHANNEL as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Bringing 20 years of media sales experience to the leadership.

(Los Angeles, CA) U.S. WEED CHANNEL (usweedchannel.com) today announced that Earl Sampson has joined the leadership of the openly-cannabis television network. The strategic move to USWC started growing in December and is now official. Formerly with Cox Media Group, Earl brings decades of TV Advertising experience and contacts. In his first moves Mr. Sampson has opened up entirely new advertising opportunities to the company to benefit brands in and out of the cannabis industry.

Earl is coming aboard at a very important time: U.S. WEED CHANNEL has expanded its web and Roku platforms with hundreds of hours of programming and plans to launch IOS and Android mobile apps in April...just in time for 4/20.

Sampson fits ideally as a leader for USWC: 20 years of TV Advertising sales and promotions, deep ties to all major TV Ad Agencies and expanded vision for advertising options.

“My contacts have been hounding me for years to find a special niche area for their bolder advertisers.” says Sampson “Simply announcing my position with USWC filled up my first 2 weeks with appointments.”

“Creating a safe and affordable place for advertisers is at the core of U.S. WEED CHANNEL – the Cannabis events scene is decimated” says Shane Doull, Founder at USWC. “Earl is the access to advertisers we needed and he is bringing the solutions they needed. Mr. Sampson represents a planned evolution for U.S. WEED CHANNEL to serve all advertisers. Because Cannabis consumers purchase cars, coffee, insurance, travel and everything non-Cannabis consumers do.”

About U.S. WEED CHANNEL (usweedchannel.com and uswc.tv) is doing for Weed what MTV did for Music!

America's first and the only federally recognized 'Openly-Cannabis' Broadcast Television Network in history. USWC broadcasts globally on Roku and the Web (usweedchannel.com) and is launching IOS and Android mobile apps in time for 4/20.

USWC delivers a wide variety of programming centric to the Cannabis-Lifestyle and consumer. Current programming is ad supported and the developers plan to have full subscription services and exclusive content in Summer 2021. USWC will be the only Cannabis Broadcast Television Network producing multiple weekly and monthly content and programming starting April 2021! U.S. WEED CHANNEL is the wave!