Author Matthew J Meads Launches Campaign to Crowdfund Debut Novel On Kickstarter

First book in the KT-X Investigation Series – The Chinese Room – Coming Soon

Online PR News – 01-March-2021 – Wales, UK – As the publishing landscape changes with the Internet bringing consumers and creators of content together in near real-time, it is perhaps no surprise to see debut authors utilising creative new ways of connecting with prospective readers. The Chinese Room project launches today on Kickstarter and gives backers the chance to be among the first to secure a copy of the novel, plus a selection of additional perks including the opportunity to be a character in the second book in the series!

"As someone who has backed crowdfunding projects and seen the benefits of forging relationships between creators and consumers first-hand, I believe Kickstarter provides an excellent platform to connect authors and their audiences." Said Matthew J Meads. "It is my hope that this project allows readers a glimpse into the writing process and brings them closer to protagonist Katie Cross than would ordinarily be possible through traditional publishing.

Matthew J Meads has been writing creatively and professionally for over 20 years, much of that time spent penning promotional copy, story lines and in-game dialogue for licensed interactive software titles such as Disney's Cars, ABC's Scrubs and Sony Pictures' Charlie's Angels. Matthew now resides in the beautiful Berwyn Hills in North Wales, but his extensive overseas travels continue to inspire and inform locations for his work.

'When vlogger and citizen journalist Katie Cross receives a message from a mysterious source, she finds herself thrust into a top-secret investigation into the ubiquitous virtual assistant Quiri. Katie teams up with Sam, a young white-hat hacking student from Berkley and Ted, the Senior Senator for Montana, and with only a matter of days in hand, Katie and her new friends must work fast to demonstrate to the American people that their smartphone AI can't be trusted and to convince the US Congress that the Chinese trade talks have been hijacked. The only thing standing in their way is a well-connected and ruthless political lobbyist and fixer, who may well pay for failure with his life.'

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