Meet the children’s book series sitting alongside Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!

From making up stories for his own children, to entertaining the world.

Online PR News – 27-February-2021 – Nottingham, England – Introducing Timothy Scott, the newest unlikely hero taking readers young and old by storm. Created to give his own son a hero to look up to, Tobey Alexander created a magical world hidden behind an ugly antique mirror. Wanting to inspire his own son, recently diagnosed with autism spectrum, the idea of creating a hero who was “different” seemed the perfect inspiration. From a family story to a trilogy of books, the series will conclude on April 21st 2021 with the final of the three books hitting the shelves.

From the author:
“I wanted to create a hero for my middle son, someone he could relate to and see as an inspiration for embracing his quirky behaviours and personality. When I created Timothy he was based on my son so, in a way, it allowed him to see himself as a hero without even realising. When I came up with the idea of Timothy Scott, we were on a family holiday in Scotland while my wife was undergoing breast cancer treatment. The family were surrounded by worry and fear, and I wanted to create an adventure we could all be part of. The world of Timothy Scott became something of a family escape at a time when it was needed. The fact that other people are enjoying the adventure fills me with such pride and happiness.”

Author Biography
Writing under a pseudonym, Tobey Alexander is a hybrid published author with a variety of titles to his name. Crossing genres he has always focused on action and adventure but created stories for a variety of audiences. With the Timothy Scott series he has seen the series climb the online Amazon charts to sit alongside renowned classics including books by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson), JK Rowling (Harry Potter) and Cressida Cowell (author of How To Train Your Dragon). Alongside this the adapted screenplay has received a number of nominations for Best Screenplay in International Film Festivals including the Top Indie Film Awards 2020/21, Asian Film Festival Los Angeles (AFF) 2020 and Honorable Mention in the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2021.

As a father of three, husband and full-time worker, Tobey’s passion for writing comes from a hobby that is slowly becoming more. Wanting to embrace his own quirky nature, Tobey’s passion is to provide escape for all into fiction, encourage new generations to embrace creativity and inspire a passion for reading, writing and adventure. While the Timothy Scott trilogy marks a significant presence in his catalogue, Tobey’s other offerings include an alternative perspective on the Grim Reaper (Reaper’s Journey Series), a supernatural mystery series set in his hometown of Nottingham (The Magdon Series) and many others, there really is a story for everyone.

About the series
On April 21st 2021 the Timothy Scott trilogy comes to its conclusion with Timothy Scott: Dark Entity. Until now the series has featured Timothy Scott: Shadow Island and Timothy Scott: The Torn Mountains and sat high in a variety of Amazon charts since their release. To date Shadow Island has occupied a position in the Top 50 of numerous categories alongside Cressida Cowell, Rick Riordan, JK Rowling and Terry Pratchett. The stories of Timothy Scott have been written to be an enchanting and magical adventure into a world of fantasy, dragging readers of all generations into something they truly enjoy. Having been adapted into an audiobook by the internationally renowned narrator George Kuch whose catalogue includes of 70 titles from a variety of authors and genres, the series has an international appeal and audience.

When you were twelve, could you have saved the world? Would you have been brave enough to face your nightmares and protect a world you never knew existed?

After another sleep filled with nightmares and a day being picked on by the school bullies, Timothy Scott longs for escape. When his only real friend, a voice only he can hear, offers him the chance to travel to a new world, it's an offer he cannot turn down.

As Timothy finds himself dragged through an antique mirror, he discovers a fantastic and enchanting world he never knew existed. Despite the amazing creatures he discovers and adventures he embarks on, there is something looming in the shadows, something he is already familiar with.

When Timothy learns the monster from his recurring nightmare is in fact real, he must make an impossible choice. As a twelve-year-old boy, his newfound friends call on him to become their saviour and face the rising darkness that threatens to destroy their world. Is he strong enough to become the hero they need, or is it all too much for a young boy to handle?

Shadow Island, The Torn Mountains and Dark Entity make up the first trilogy in the Behind The Mirror coming of age fantasy series filled with magic, enchantment, fantastic creatures and heart. Fall in love with an outcast boy and watch him grow as he fights against his own insecurities and fears.

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