Crypto Med Innovation to trial nerve imaging peptide-dye for disease monitoring

Crypto Med Innovation today announced that it would be trialing peptide dyes for surgical and therapeutic use targeting key nerves for head and neck surgery.

Online PR News – 26-February-2021 – Gangnam-gu/SEOUL – Crypto Med Innovation’s peptide-dye will be used to highlight important nerves during surgery and can be a key component for products used in the image-based diagnosis and monitoring of diseases.

Crypto Med Innovation’s dye works by administering the dye before surgery and is easy for surgeons to pinpoint key nerves by being highlighted in a florescent color to identify particular and nerves characteristics for head and neck surgery.

Crypto Med Innovation’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Mr. Bradley Hamilton PhD commented on the surgical dye saying “We as surgeons, we rely on our knowledge and experience which we have honed over the years to identify nerves, but sometimes they are unclear which on some occasions makes it difficult to distinguish from non-nerve tissue and our technology is developed with the aim to improve the precision of surgery by making nerves glow with fluorescence to make the nerves 100 % identifiable."

"From a personal level, looking under a microscope exceeded our expectations. Fluorescence is the navigation tool of surgery and the resolution was incredible and our technology will be transformative for all types of surgery where nerves are potentially at risk. Some nerves we are not able to see it under white light, but with fluorescence, it is very clear to see through the muscle and the value of this technology is invaluable," added Bradley Hamilton, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer of Crypto Med Innovation.

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