New York Bank Attorneys and Real Estate Attorneys Can Now Enjoy Specialized Software

Easysoft is compliant, reliable, and trusted software.

Online PR News – 25-February-2021 – Jersey City, NJ – New York real estate attorneys know that one of the best ways to have steady and consistent closing work is by creating and maintaining relationships with Banks. But that work comes with requirements that include insuring that all the numbers match between the bank’s records and the attorney’s records.

While that sounds easy, closings are fraught with changes, complex calculations, and unlimited opportunities for numbers to be slightly different, throwing the entire closing back.

Now, attorneys all over New York can now enjoy error-free, efficient, and easy-to-use software for their bank, credit union or lender closing work. Easysoft, celebrating 35 years in the legal software business was created to help solve the common processing issues facing all real estate attorneys - how to manage the complex calculations associated with a closing. Founded by a programmer and a real estate attorney who was ‘looking for a better way to handle closings’, the product was created to provide reliable numbers that would automatically adjust the calculations throughout the closing process.

Closings always start with basic case information that must be carried throughout all the documents. By using specialized software, attorneys and their staff can easily enter basic information once, and let the software populate that data throughout. That feature alone can save hours of data entry and the potential for errors. Once the data entry is complete, the attorney or staff can move forward to entering the numbers associated with the closing and that’s where the power of auto-calculating software can be seen firsthand.

Software solves complex calculations and reduces errors

For bank or lender closings in New York, multiple factors must be considered. First, the bank will internally have their own set of numbers that they’ve put together, like a Loan Estimate. Once this step is complete the attorney gets involved and calculates the numbers separately. This is where challenges of numbers matching can make the closing process more complicated and take longer to complete.

“I’ve been running bank closings for many, many years and i have to say, if I don’t understand where the bank is getting their numbers from, and my numbers don’t match, it’ll be hours of work. That’s why I say, not everyone can do a real estate closing, you REALLY have to understand the numbers and where they came from”, says Petralia. “Easysoft is the most beneficial software that not only helps me with accuracy, it is the most beneficial software for any New York attorney who wants to do real estate work, because it will help you understand how the process works”.

When clients start the closing process with one set of numbers, but then during the closing changes occur, either with taxes, down payments or other aspects, the entire CD needs to be recalculated and that’s where time and effort can get derailed, making what should have been an easy and profitable closing into one that becomes time-consuming and costly.

“This software is indispensable for bank closing work. As a real estate attorney, you must be able to master the ‘math’ of a closing so you can explain the numbers to your client. It’s beneficial to know the process and how the numbers come to be, that’s what makes a great attorney,” continues Petralia.

Easysoft is compliant, reliable, and trusted software. Founded in 1986, Easysoft boasts a long history of serving the needs of real estate and family law attorneys and paralegals who need essential software for their essential needs. Easysoft Legal Software is a subsidiary of Leap Legal Software.

If you would like more information about Easysoft Legal Software, or would like to see the product and want to schedule a personal demonstration, please contact Mark Afonso, Product Consultant at 1-800-905-7638 extension 1, or email or click here to schedule your demonstration around your schedule