New primer on medical technologies

New primer out of McGill University explaining and elaborating on the important cautions and limitations we face when adopting new medical technology.

Online PR News – 25-February-2021 – Montreal, Canada – A new primer on understanding the limitations and cautions of technology in medicine has recently been published. Entitled: " Novel Technology in Medicine: Limitations and Cautions," This short primer helps the reader understand just how far technology has come and what are some its crucial limitations to understand.

With computer technology evolving at an unremitting pace with exponential returns, it has made this growth in numerous fields. One strong emphasis has been placed on medicine and surgery. Dr. Tyler Safran, a resident in Plastic Surgery at McGill University, has co-authored this piece that helps to prime students, investors and enthusiasts of the current limitations of technology in the medical field. Dr. Safran feels that the overall sentiment is quite positive on the adoption of new technologies within the medical space, but again significant emphasis needs to be placed on addressing the limitations and concerns. Many engineers and investors are very bullish on new technologies and this primer is a MUST read prior to embarking on any new venture.

Dr. Safran hopes that this primer is easy to read and understand, given its complex and deep meaning.

It can be accessed on amazon.