BFCG Asia in final stages to launch new Credit Strategies Fund

BFCG Asia today announced that they plan to launch a new Credit Strategies Fund and are in the final stages of execution before opening their doors.

Online PR News – 24-February-2021 – SINGAPORE – BFCG Asia’s new fund will seek to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities in today’s volatile and turbulent markets by allocating capital across various corporate asset classes.

BFCG Asia’s Chief Operations Officer commented on the new fund saying “The investment objective of our new Fund is to seek a total return comprised of income and capital appreciation. Given the current weak and turbulent economic climate, we believe it is prudent for investors to allocate capital to corporate credit investments that benefit from capital structure seniority, as well as current income.”

BFCG Asia’s Chief Operations Officer also added “In this current volatile environment, we believe active management and flexible mandates should enable us to achieve strong risk adjusted returns, benefitting from the current high credit spread environment, which are researched by our analysts here at BFCG Asia. Our ultimate goal is to help investors capitalize on current and future outstanding opportunities. In this turbulent market and in the future credit cycles to come, the Credit Strategies Fund can serve as a discerning eye for investors seeking attractive income and capital appreciation potential through a carefully selected spectrum of corporate credit securities.”

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