Rusty Rider: A Fundraiser for a PTSD-Afflicted Biker by His Daughter

A daughter is fundraising for her Father’s motorcycle after PTSD left him penniless. The biker community will enable him to continue on the road to recovery.

Online PR News – 24-February-2021 – Edmonton, Alberta – While many people are struggling during the pandemic, those with mental health struggles have arguably been hit the worst.

For men like Bill Sanford, that has meant putting everything in his life on hold to focus on his trauma recovery - and having to deal with the losses. Bill was working as a truck driver in 2019, and while waiting for an accident cleanup in his semi-truck, was rear-ended by another truck driver at highway speeds. Today, the after-effects remain in the form of an acute case of PTSD. It took him ages to have the courage to hop on his Harley again, but once he did, he found some hope. Hope that might be taken away if he can’t afford to keep it.

His daughter’s attempt to fundraise the money to purchase his beloved Harley cruiser motorcycle. With about $15,000 left on the bill it’s a tall order, but he would rather hope than despair.

Twyla Lapointe, his daughter and the person running the fundraiser, shares her motivation behind offering to fundraise for his motorcycle.

“I just didn’t want to see him lose the last thing he had, the last connection to the community of bikers that’s been so supportive during his battle with PTSD. There’s not much I can save for him right now, and not a lot of hope these days, but this campaign is something I can offer - a way of reaching out to the community for help.”

While this campaign is specifically for her father, Twyla also has the goal that it will help raise PTSD awareness locally and abroad.

To donate to the cause, or to read more about the fundraiser, please visit

For More Information or to confirm your interest, please contact Twyla Lapointe.