Tafsir As Sadi (Part 28,29 & 30)-English

Tafsir As Sadi is the interpretation of 56 Surahs of the Holy Quran written by Muslim scholar Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Nasir bin Abdullah bin Nasir as-Saadi (R.A)

Online PR News – 23-February-2021 – Riyadh – The English translation of Tafsir As Sadi has recently been published by Darussalam. The book has got a huge response from the readers and they termed it one of the finest translations of the interpretation. Readers appreciated the precise and simple way of writing opted by the author.

The 478 pages book is written in the light of authentic and proven Sahih Ahadith and as per the Salaf of Quranic interpretation. It also includes useful additions regarding the tafsir by senior scholars. Due to the simple language, the book is recommended to people of every age group.

Darussalam Publications has published the book and used the finest print and paper. To give a better reading experience to users, colored text is used to highlight the important points.

Tafsir As Sadi includes the interpretation of 56 Surahs from the last part of the Holy Quran. Though the whole of the Quran is important for every Muslim, the last three parts of the Quran are somewhat difficult yet very important. All the topics which the Quran contains are briefly mentioned in only these parts. If a student or any Muslim learns these parts perfectly, he would be able to learn the rest of the Quran very easily.

These Parts (28, 29, 30) are translated from Arabic to English by Jalal Abualrub and Darussalam published them with high beautiful graphics and illustrations. Everything is clear to understand and many useful additions have been added.
People who are interested in buying the book can order it online from the Darussalam store. Read the blog post for more details. (link)