Research Consortium Announces First Free-to-Public Webinar on New National Face Mask Standard

The first free webinar intended to inform employers and their professional advisors on the ramifications of the new national face mask standard this week.

Online PR News – 20-February-2021 – San Diego, CA – The TPA NETWORK Research Consortium announced today that it will host the first informational webinars intended to inform employers and their professional advisors on the ramifications of the new national barrier face covering standard issued this week. The presenter, Richard Nicholas, served on the CDC/NIOSH-overseen ASTM committee that developed the standard.

The new national general-purpose face mask standard may create new risks liabilities and exposures for employers.

The highly anticipated ASTM F3502-21: Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings will change the way employers view, assess and purchase face coverings – and increase their exposure. Complex, confusing and burdensome the new national face covering standard will improve mask quality and enhance end-user awareness. As is often the case, it will also create new employer challenges.

This 60-minute webinar covers topics of interest to employers including: viral transmission and bioburden risk, killing vs. blocking COVID-19, face mask efficacy, exposing false claims/myths, comparing masks, new face mask performance measures, consumer advisory labelling deficiencies and how the new standard impacts employer exposure, liability and compliance. It is being presented on February 25th and 26th and on March 3rd and 5th. To learn more about the webinars and to register go to or visit

Richard Nicholas, a 40-year industry veteran, the Founder of the Research Consortium and author of the definitive study on COVID-19: ITS TRANSMISSION AND FACE MASK EFFICACY. At 70 pages, and with 176 cited references, it was written to help employers understand viral transmission, select the best face mask and manage the risks, liabilities and regulatory challenges attendant to providing face masks (and is available here, free). Richard has studied the face covering specifications of every international standards entity and is a member of both the workgroups established by the textile industry’s two leading standards organizations to create/maintain guidelines, standards and specifications for general - purpose community face masks: AATCC M14-2020 Guidance and Considerations for General Purpose Textile Face Coverings (the world's first community face mask specification) and new ASTM standard.

The TPA NETWORK Research Consortium is an emerging industry-wide research initiative focused on helping health plan sponsors evaluate new medical technologies and health innovations …by conducting critical payor-focused translational research and facilitating more, smarter and less costly clinical studies.

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