CrowdLustro Announces Consulting Agreement with So.Capital

An exciting partnership forms between crowdfunding aggregation platforms.

Online PR News – 18-February-2021 – Charleston, SC – CrowdLustro, an equity crowdfunding aggregator and research platform, formally announced a consulting agreement with So.Capital today. So.Capital is a crowdfunding aggregation platform featuring all types of capital raising campaigns (eg, donation, rewards, and securities) that is focused on building a vibrant and global capital raising community online. CrowdLustro and So.Capital both feature extensive databases of crowdfunding opportunities, both equity- and donation-based, and feel strongly that their combined datasets and data aggregation methods will yield a powerful and marketable combination.

"We are very excited about this consulting agreement that will allow us to work with another aggregation platform and look forward to further expanding this relationship over time. So.Capital has a strong CEO, Zachary Fallon, and we look forward to working closely with him." - JB Joseph, Co-Founder of CrowdLustro

As part of the agreement, the CrowdLustro team will help manage So.Capital’s day-to-day operations, technology development processes, marketing efforts, and social media campaigns. Zachary Fallon, So.Capital’s Founder and CEO, will continue to lead the company and direct all efforts.

"I am looking forward to working with the CrowdLustro team, and leveraging their talent, resources and experience in crowdfunding space for the benefit of our fast-growing, global community."- Zachary Fallon, CEO of So.Capital

About CrowdLustro
CrowdLustro aggregates equity and debt crowdfunding deals from all crowdfunding portals. CrowdLustro is designed to facilitate research of the various Title III crowdfunding deals in one place and features alerts and portfolio functions. In addition, research related to each deal is provided by the "crowd" through our vetting of experienced small company investors who provide their own research and analysis of crowdfunding deals to help everyone better understand terms, returns, and risks associated with these types of investments.

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