Biodegradable lightweight tent pegs the next step in eco-friendly hiking in Australia

Australian outdoors and survival company - SurvivalStorehouse continues to increase its inventory of niche products for the serious outdoors enthusiast.

Online PR News – 16-February-2021 – Sydney NSW Australia – Regardless of how much effort a hiker puts into a weightless backpack, oversized and bulky tent pegs are usually the necessity. However, with the new addition to our lightweight collection, our hikers can now relieve that extra bit of weight. Remember – the less your weight the further you travel, the more you see.

Being composed of a patented formula compound, our tent pegs bio-degrade over a 12–24-month time period in case they are dropped, lost or left behind – a problem solved compared to the permanence of a lost metal peg. At a comfortable 8.5cm in length, they are strong enough to anchor you tent, but not oversized to the environment’s expense.
Cameron, a young hiker determined to achieve the most efficient hiking setup, had this to say: “I love these tent pegs. Removing my bulky bag of metal pegs was quite literally a weight off my shoulders and I always enjoy taking initiative to make my trips as environmentally friendly as possible, lost pegs in the ground are also a danger to animals so having a product that disappears after a year ticks a lot of boxes.”

Overall, these light and compact tent pegs decrease a hiker’s footprint on the environment they admire. A great way to respect the Australian Outback and the perfect gift for that hiker or camper who has everything. We are proud to announce our new stock in packs of 20! Visit our Australian website for more information and plenty of other products to make your next trip safe and environmentally friendly. – Leave no trace behind.