Major Internet Figures Endorse FalmouthNet Fiber Optic Network

Vint Cerf and Justin Jaschke make personal donations to FalmouthNet, a project to build a community controlled fiber optic network in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Online PR News – 16-February-2021 – Falmouth, Massachusetts – FalmouthNet, Inc., has received generous personal donations from two significant shapers of the Internet.

FalmouthNet has received a personal gift of Google stock from Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, who holds the title Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. Mr. Cerf has been honored with the Alan M. Turing Award, which is sometimes called the “Nobel Prize of Computer Science,” and he's an original inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Mr. Cerf said, "Internet access has become a necessity. I am glad to see community initiatives like FalmouthNet proceed because they serve as proof of concept for others."

FalmouthNet has also received a personal gift of cash from Justin Jaschke, the founder and CEO of Verio, a leading Internet Service provider and global business Web site host that is now a core part of NTT Communication's global Internet services. Mr. Jaschke owns a seasonal home in Falmouth.

Mr. Jasche said, “I applaud this community-led effort to bring a state-of-the-art fiber network to Falmouth. This forward thinking investment in a future proof network will pay dividends to the community for decades to come.”

These gifts, plus several donations from Falmouth residents, put FalmouthNet's education fund over 75% towards its $50,000 goal. The funds will be used to build awareness and public support for the town-wide fiber-optic network that FalmouthNet's founders envision.

Courtney Bird, FalmouthNet's President, said, "The generosity of these two Internet heroes is a tremendous vote of confidence in the community-controlled fiber optic network that FalmouthNet envisions."

FalmouthNet Board Member Art Gaylord, who also sits on the board of OpenCape, the region's middle mile network, said, "These gifts validate FalmouthNet's initiative to date, and make our next steps easier."

FalmouthNet Clerk David Isenberg said, "Once the people of Falmouth decide they want a world-class network that's actually designed for the Internet, financiers and networking companies will jump in and work with us."

About FalmouthNet, Inc.: FalmouthNet is a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation with IRS 501c3 status that is dedicated to guiding the planning, construction and operation of a community-controlled fiber optic network for the benefit of the people of Falmouth, Massachusetts. There's more on FalmouthNet on the Web at, on Facebook at Falmouth Community Network and on Twitter on @FalmouthNet.

About fiber optic networks: Fiber optic networks carry information on pulses of light. In contrast to telephone and cable TV based networks, which are retro-fitted to carry Internet traffic, fiber optic networks are engineered from the ground up for digital communications. They're simpler, faster and more reliable. They're future-proof, which means that they are almost infinitely upgradeable to handle future traffic increases. Their operational costs and their long-run costs are low. The presence of a fiber optic network boosts real estate prices and produces new economic activity.
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