Crowdfunding Campaign for Innovative Dog Leash ‘IDEALEASH’ to Kick Off Soon on Kickstarter

Probably the most innovative dog leash ever to have been invented, the ‘IDEALEASH’ is set to kick off its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign very soon.

Online PR News – 14-February-2021 – London, UK – Probably the most innovative dog leash ever to have been invented, the ‘IDEALEASH’ is set to kick off its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign very soon. However, even before the start of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, interested people can already start supporting the production of the IDEALEASH to enjoy more benefits.

Designed to make the lives of dog owners and their pups so much easier and walking around the neighborhood together so much more fun, the IDEALEASH has the following features:

• Bungee-Z System: The IDEALEASH shock absorption system provides a gentle yet firm resistance against a dog pulling by gradually increasing force of the absorber. The dog is able to understand where the dog walking comfort zone is . The advanced spring resistance technology used in IDEALEASH allows the leash to extend only to a maximum of 6 in. In contrast to standard bungee leash the absorbing force is increasing with extension. This protects pet owners and their dogs from muscle and joint pain and injury.
• Bite Stop System: The IDEALEASH is chew-proof. It won’t hurt the dog if it attempts to bite the leash, but it's not possible for him to keep on chewing it.
• Smart Length Adjustment: The IDEALEASH features green sliders and an extra snap hook that makes adjusting the leash length a breeze. Users also have the option to attach or tie the leash around their waist so they can use their hands for important tasks or take their dog for a run without the need to hold the leash.

The IDEALEASH is lightweight and durable. The rope is made from select materials structured into a solid weave, protecting the core. The inner section is designed to resemble the way human skeletal muscles move, making the leash super flexible and very comfortable. The carabiners are fashioned from aviation aluminum, so they’re safe, secure, and lightweight.

Interested supporters who want to get ahead of the pack can subscribe now on the IDEALEASH website and enjoy their SUPER EARLY BIRDS-BARKS privileges:

• Dedicated waste baggie holder
• Fleece handmade dog toy
• Pocket atomizer
• 2-pack IDEALEASH set

These include a 40% discount off the IDEALEASH manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and guaranteed product delivery within a month after the end of the campaign period.

Backers who are unable to take advantage of the SUPER EARLY BIRDS-BARKS offer now can opt for the EARLY BARK benefit (20% off the MSRP), which includes a dedicated waste baggie holder that will be offered during the Kickstarter campaign.

For more details about the IDEALEASH, check out their website on

About IDEALEASH by Dogcessories:

Dogcessories.EU Ltd (company number 11241114) is a European producer of dog accessories, providing innovative and safe solutions to increase comfort on dog walks. Founded in Poland, currently, it is a Polish-British company with a large market proof.