Playboy tRAMAINE releasing Good Intentions on 2/14/2021 and Bullets Are No Messiah on 3/16/2021

Playboy tRAMAINE is a spectacular new recording artist releasing Good Intentions on 2/14/2021 and Bullets Are No Messiah on 3/16/2021

Online PR News – 13-February-2021 – Tampa, FL – In the top 40 you will find many a song to move your feet, but in these times you may be looking for something that moves your sou. Playboy tRAMAINE ( no typo ) is a new recording artist that moves not only your feet , but your heart and those strings attached.

Playboy tRAMAINE is releasing Good Intentions on 2/14 with indie label Immortal Generation Medias. The song Good Intentions has picked up thousands of views on YouTube, and Shazam has reported curious listeners who can’t place the voice, but want to know who it is. This piano based Singer- Songwriter, Melodic Urban infusion is sung through tears as he reflects on a love lost due to looking for something greater, and in turn realizing down the line what he had was what he needed. This song reminds us all who have love, or tried to love and at some point unintentionally break the heart of the one we love.

Playboy tRAMAINE is also releasing Bullets Are No Messiahs on 3/16 of this year. This song is what insiders are already calling a timeless kind of favorite that brings every kind of listener together as do Motown songs that never grow old. The review seems very fitting being Immortal Generation Medias is also releasing this single. Bullets Are No Messiahs is a simplistic audio art piece consisting of a muted guitar some seemingly placed somewhere in space accompanied with dreamy percussion. Playboy tRAMAINE pulled up his sleeves and skill as an audio engineer to create what he calls a 4D Audioland. Truthfully Playboy tRAMAINE’s voice and passion set inside the instrumentation on occasion brings chills up your spine, making his passion is felt and empathized on both forthcoming records.

On Valentine’s Day thwe Playboy tRAMAINE song Good Intentions will be officially released and available worldwide, and St. Patrick’s Day Eve Bullets Are No Messiahs will be available to massage listeners’ hearts and ears.