Merit Venture Capital to make investment into stable Green Bonds sector

Merit Venture Capital today outlined its commitment to the Green Bonds sector by investing a minimum of $30million by the end of this year.

Online PR News – 11-February-2021 – CENTRAL DISTRICT – Green Bonds is an asset class where fixed income securities are designed to raise capital to finance the low carbon environment.

The Green Bonds sector has grown at a rapid rate over the last few years and Merit Venture Capital will be building on its existing Green Bonds portfolio, which currently stands at $98 million across various Green Bonds investment issuers.

Merit Venture Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Alan Chen commented on the Green Bonds saying "Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in the investment of the Green Bonds sector and it is a fast-growing and powerful asset class. Merit Venture Capital’s commitment to a clean environmental approach makes us a model in the Green Bonds space. We believe our commitment will encourage other global corporations to follow suit.”

“We hope to encourage the participation of strategic investors in the Green Bonds market which we believe will continue to bring scale and diversity to climate-friendly projects. Our analysts at Merit Venture Capital predicted that at the current rate of growth, the total Green Bonds market could surpass $45 billion in 2021, three times the size in 2020 which stood at $16 billion,” added Alan Chen, Chief Investment Officer of Merit Venture Capital.

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