AirAdvisor Updates their Processes for Claim Compensation for Flight Delay or Cancelled Flights

It’s not uncommon for travelers to get into situations where they end up with a flight delay or, worse, a cancellation.

Online PR News – 10-February-2021 – Providence, United States – In a world where we’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, among other concerns, it’s not uncommon for travelers to get into situations where they end up with a flight delay or, worse, a cancellation. Since these experiences are becoming more commonplace, travelers are seeking more options that allow them to get what they need in return.

AirAdvisor, a company focused on helping individuals claim compensation for cancelled flights or flight delays, has been helping people in both the United States and EU since 2018, and they have recently expanded which countries they offer assistance for, now including a number of international flights.

The company works with a variety of claims, and the majority of the claims can get up to $700 in compensation as a result of the delays and cancellations in question. Their website has recently been updated in order to ensure that people can find the information that they need and so that it is easier for individuals to put their claims together and get the money that they deserve according to law.

The international flight compensation process has not always been a simple one in the past, which led to AirAdvisor doing their best to sort out the details related to these processes. The company explains the entire process of claiming compensation for flight delays or cancelled flights on their website, which allows international travelers to get the resources that they need in order to be able to get compensation for the hassle that they may have gone through.

According to the company, “84% of air travelers don’t know or use their passenger rights when they fly. AirAdvisor is here to change that. We'll check if you're entitled to compensation, and we'll help you get it. No upfront payments, we get a 30% fee from the collected compensation. If we don’t succeed, your case will be closed free of charge.”

International flights that are covered by AirAdvisor are flights to and from countries that have agreed to the Montreal Convention. The Montreal Convention puts together a list of basic rights that people have when they are traveling internationally.

Airlines from the countries in that agreement have to adhere to those rights, which include appropriate compensation based on the severity of the delay or the consequences of a cancellation of any sort. The company works within the rights set there, which helps them to better serve their clients.

The company also hires lawyers to take care of the issues that may occur during these claims, if the airline in question won’t settle in the way that they should.

AirAdvisor is a company focused on helping travelers around the world in relation to cancelled or delayed flights. By providing resources regarding passengers’ rights and working with consumers on claims compensation, they have become one of the top options for travel claims via plane. More information about AirAdvisor and the services which they offer can be found at their company website.

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