Qurani Qaidah- Learn the Principles of Tajweed

An introduction and review of the bestseller book “Great Women of Islam” now available for purchase at Darussalam.

Online PR News – 10-February-2021 – Saudi Arabia – The increased population of Muslims isn’t a secret anymore. Many non-muslims are converting to Islam after getting impressed by its teaching. Learning Quran is crucial for every Muslim, and for that one needs to learn the principles of Tajweed. It’s always a good idea to teach kids the right way of recitation from the beginning so they don’t have to struggle later on.

Quani Qaidah is one of the best sources for learning the principles of Tajweed. It includes the basics of the Arabic language such as Arabic alphabets and their pronunciation. For the help of teachers, additional guidance is provided while the method for memorizing the principles are also included. The purpose of the Qurani Qaidah is to provide complete guidance to kids and new Muslims in one place.

The author of the Qurani Qaidah is Sheikh Qari Muhammad Idress who has served as an examiner in religious schools and Madaris across Pakistan and has taught thousands of students in Pakistan and abroad. He learned the Quran and its sciences from Egypt and wrote dozens of books. He has fifty years of experience in the Quran and Hadith altogether.

Full guidance on how to spell and combine the words together has been provided. Other than that, Quranic examples are carefully explained in the lessons and non-Quranic words are avoided. There are some words in the Holy Quran which are difficult to pronounce, their pronunciation has been highlighted.
Qurani Qiadah is available at the Darussalam store. You can learn more about it, read here.

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